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In five volumes 8vo. with an Inder, price 31. 105. boards,



of Lincoln's Inn.

This Edition comprises;

Vol. I.

HORÆ BIBLICÆ; being a connected series of Notes on the Text and Literary History of the Bibles, or Sacred Books of the Jews and Christians. And on the Koran, ZendAvesta, Vedas, Kings, and Edda, or the Books accounted sacred by the Mahometans, Parsees, Hindus, Chinese, and Scandinavian nations. With two Dissertations—I. On a Council said to have been held by the Jews at Ageda, in Hungary, in 1650, with the original Narrative of the Council.

- II. An Historical Outline of the Disputes concerning the Authenticity of 1 John, chap. v. ver. 7.

Vol. II.

GERMANIC EMPIRE; being—A Succinct History of the Geographical and Political Revolutions of the Empire of Germany; or the principal States which composed the Empire of Charlemagne, from his Coronation in Soo to its Dissolution in 1806;—With some account of the Genealogies of the Imperial House of Hapsburgh, and the Six Secular Electors of Germany; and of Roman, German, French and English Nobility.

HORÆ JURIDICÆ SUBSECIVÆ, being a connected series of Notes concerning the Geography, Chronology and Literary History of the principal Codes and Original Documents of the Grecian, Roman, Feudal and Canon Law.

The Life of MICHEL L'HÔPITAL, Chancellor of France.-And Sketch of the Professional Character of the EARL of MANSFIELD.

LIVES:--1. Of Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray.—2. Of Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux.-3. Of Henri-MARIE DE BOUDON, Archdeacon of Evreux.—4. Of De RANCE', Abbot regular and reformer of the Monastery of la Trappe.-5. Of Thomas OF KEMPIS.-6. Of the Rev. ALBAN BUTLER, author of the Lives of the Saints.

Vol. IV.

An HISTORICAL and LITERARY account of the Formularies, Confessions of Faith, or Symbolic Books of the Roman-catholic, Greek and primitive Protestant Churches.

Vol. V.

The HISTORICAL Memoirs of the CHURCH of FRANCE, in the reigns of Lewis the fourteenth, Lewis the fifteenth, Lewis the sixteenth, and the French Revolution.

The following Works of Mr. Butler, may be had separate.

HORÆ Biblicæ, the 5th Edition, with Index, 8vo. Price 14s.

boards. HORÆ JURIDICÆ SUBSECIVÆ, royal 8vo. Price gs. boards. LIFE OF CHANCELLOR L'HÔPITAL, 12mo. Price 48.

boards. CONFESSIONS OF Faith, 8vo. Price 7s. 6 d. boards. HISTORICAL MEMOIRS of the Church of France, 8vo. Price

14s, boards.

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