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Silence and deep repose
Reign o'er the nations; and the warning voice
Of nature utters, audibly within,
The general moral; — tells us that repose,
Deathlike as this, but of far longer pain,
Is coming on us,

that the


Who now enjoy a temporary calm,
Shall soon taste lasting quiet; wrapped around
With grave-clothes, and their aching restless heads
Mouldering in holes and corners unobserved,
Till the last trump shall break their sullen sleep."

4. Awe, [still deeper in expression," and stronger in

aspiration.] “ Yet half I hear the parting spirit sigh, • It is a dread and awful thing to die !'. Mysterious worlds, untravelled by the sun, Where 'Time's far-wandering tide has never run, From your unfathomed shades, and viewless spheres, A warning comes, unheard by other ears. 'Tis Heaven's commanding trumpet, long and loud, Like Sinai's thunder pealing from the cloud ! While Nature hears, with terror-mingled trust, The shock that hurls her fabric to the dust; And, like the trembling Hebrew, when he trod The roaring waves, and called upon his God, With mortal terrors clouds immortal bliss, And shrieks, and hovers o'er the dark abyss !

5. Awe, [extending to Fear, with still stronger



“ It thunders! Sons of dust, in reverence bow !
Ancient of days! Thou speakest from above:
Thy right hand wields the bolt of terror now;
That hand which scatters peace and joy and love.

Almighty! trembling like a timid child,
I hear Thy awful voice, - alarmed, afraid,
I see the flashes of Thy lightning wild,
And in the very grave would hide my head !”

6. Awe, [bordering on Horror ; - the effect still deepening.]

“ 'Tis night, dead night; and weary nature lies
So fast as if she never were to rise :
No breath of wind now whispers through the trees;
No noise on land, nor murmur in the seas ;
Lean wolves forget to howl at night's pale noon,
No wakeful dogs bark at the silent moon,
Nor bay the ghosts that glide with horror by,
To view the caverns where their bodies lie:
The ravens peck, and no presages give,
Nor to the windows of the dying cleave :
The owls forget to scream; no midnight sound
Calls drowsy echo from the hollow ground:
In vaults, the waking fires extinguished lie,
The stars, heaven's sentry, wink, and seem to die.”

7. Horror, and Fear, [the effect transcending that of

Awe ; the " aspiration" nearly a whisper.]
Macbeth, [meditating the murder of Duncan.]

“ Now o'er the one half world
Nature seems dead; and wicked dreams abuse
The curtained sleep ; now witchcraft celebrates
Pale Hecate's offerings; and withered murder,
Alarumed by his sentinel, the wolf,
Whose howl's his watch, thus with his stealthy pace,
Towards his design
Moves like a ghost. — Thou sure and firm-set earth!
Hear not my steps, which way they walk; for fear
The very stones prate of my whereabout,
And take the present horror from the time,
Which now suits with it."

[blocks in formation]

1. Horror and Amazement ; [aspiration increased by


(" Pectoral Quality.”)
Hamlet, (to the ghost of his father.]

“What may this mean,
That thou, dead corse, again, in complete steel,
Revisit'st thus the glimpses of the moon,
Making night hideous; and we fools of nature,
So horridly to shake our disposition
With thoughts beyond the reaches of our souls ? "

2. Horror and Terror ; [effect still farther increased.]

Clarence, [relating his dream.]
“Oh! I have passed a miserable night,
So full of fearful dreams, of ugly sights,
That, as I am a Christian faithful man,
I would not spend another such a night,
Though 't were to buy a world of happy days;
So full of dismal terror was the time!

My dream was lengthened after life :-
Oh! then began the tempest to my soul !
With that, methought, a legion of foul fiends
Environed me, and howled in mine ears
Such hideous cries, that, with the very noise,
I trembling waked, and, for a season after,
Could not believe but that I was in hell;
Such terrible impression made my dream.”

3. Fear. (Whispering Voice : “Guttural Quality.”) Caliban, [conducting Stephano and Trinculo to the cell of Prospero.]

Pray you tread softly, -- that the blind mole may not Hear a foot fall : we are now near his cell.

Speak softly! All's hushed as midnight yet.

See'st thou here? This is the mouth o' the cell: no noise ! and enter.”

4. Fear and Alarm. (Forcible Half-Whisper : “ Pectoral Quality.”) Alonzo, [who, with Gonzalo, is suddenly awakened by the intervention of Ariel, and finds the conspirators, Sebastian and Antonio, with their swords drawn.]

Why, how now, ho! - awake ? - Why are you drawn? Wherefore this ghastly looking ?

Gonzalo. What's the matter ?

Sebastian. Whiles we stood here, securing your repose, Even now, we heard a hollow burst of bellowing Like bulls or rather lions : did it not wake you? It struck mine ear most terribly.

Antonio. Oh! 't was a din to fright a monster's ear : To make an earthquake !

sure, it was the roar Of a whole herd of lions !"

5. Ardor.
(“Pure Tone" breaking into “ Aspiration.”)

Douglas, (soliloquizing in the wood.]
“ Ye glorious stars! high heaven's resplendent host !
Hear and record my soul's unaltered wish :
Dead or alive, let me but be renowned !
May Heaven inspire some fierce gigantic Dane
To give a bold defiance to our host!
Before he speaks it out, I will accept:
Like Douglas conquer, or like Douglas die!”

(" Guttural and Pectoral Quality.”)

1. Hatred.
Shylock, [regarding Antonio.]
“How like a fawning publican he looks !

I hate him for he is a Christian;
But more, for that, in low simplicity,
He lends out money gratis, and brings down
The rate of usuance with us here in Venice.
If I can catch him once upon the hip,
I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him!
He hates our sacred nation; and he rails,
Even there where merchants most do congregate,
On me, my bargains, and my well-won thrift,
Which he calls interest. Cursed be my tribe,
If I forgive him !

2. Anger and Scorn.

(“ Pectoral Quality.”) [Moore's lines to the Neapolitans, on their failure in the attempt at a revolution.]

Ay, down to the dust with them, slaves as they are !

From this hour let the blood in their dastardly veins, That shrunk from the first touch of Liberty's war,

Be sucked out by tyrants, or stagnate in chains !

“On-on, like a cloud, through their beautiful vales,

Ye locusts of tyranny! - blasting them o'er : Fill — fill up their wide, sunny waters, ye soils

From each slave-mart in Europe, and poison their shore !

“May their fate be a mock-word ! — May men of all lands

Laugh out with a scorn that shall ring to the poles, When each sword that the cowards let fall from their hands,

Shall be forged into fetters to enter their souls !"

3. Scorn and Abhorrence.

(“Guttural and Pectoral Quality.”) Masaniello, [in reply to the base suggestions of Genuino.]

- I would that now I could forget the monk who stands before me;

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