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Chegaray Institute. — Established in New York in 18U. 1527 and 152!) Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Penn. Boarding and day school fur young ladies and children. Reopens Monday, September 2:t. Board and complete course in Latin, English, and French, $400.00 per annum. French is the language of the family. Madame D'hervilly, Principal.

Chestnut Street Seminary. — The 29th year of this Boarding and Day School opens September 18th, 1878. A limited primary class will be formed. Special adTantages for children. For circulars, apply to the Principals, Miss Bonney and Miss Dillayb, 1015 Chestnut Street.

Classical Institute. Rev. J. W. Faibes, D.D., Principal. Classical, Mathematical, and English Seminary. W. S. Cooley, Principal.

Madame Clement's School for Yonng Ladies and Children, Germantown, Pa. Established 1857. The School will reopen Wednesday, September 18th. For circulars apply to Miss E. Clement, Principal.

College Preparatory Class. — (Class now forming.) J. Maher, M.S., 1319 Chestnut Street, Principal. Collegiate Institute. Geo. R. Barker, Principal.

The Collegiate School of St. John. — The next session opens September 21st.

Terms per annum:

Boarders, including laundry, etc $300.00

Day Scholars $30.00 to $80.00

For information or admission, apply to Reverend Superior, Evangelist House, 2011 Arch Street.

Crittenden's Commercial College. Established 1844. 11 Instructors. Commercial and Counting House courses. Thorough Business instruction. John Groesbeck, Principal.

Divinity School of the Protestant Episcopal Church. 7 Professors. 3 years' course of study. Bev. Daniel R. Goodwin, 134') Pine Street, Dean. East Walnut Street Female Seminary.

Cornelias EveTests' School of Vocal Music, 1428 Spruce Street, Philadelphia. Fewsmith's Classical and Mathematical School. Franklin Institute.

French and English Academy. Rev. C. Miel, Principal.

Friends' Central School.
Friends' Girard Avenue School.
Friends' Graded School for both Sexes. 102 Mapple-
wood Avenne. O. S. Fell, Principal.
Friends' School. Miss Annie He Acock, Principal.
Friends' Select School. Henry N. Hoxie, Principal,

Friends' Select School for Boys. Zebedee Haines,

Friends' Select School for Girls. Miss Margaret Lightfoot, Principal.

German American Kindergarten. Miss Anna BenNett, Principal.

Germantown Academy will begin its 118th school year September 9th. 1878. Wm. Kershaw, A.M., Principal, 4629 Germantown Avenne. Germantown Kindergarten. Miss Marianna Gay, Principal, Germantown.

Girard College. 30 Instructors; 8">0 students. Established 1848 for the maintenance and instruction or fatherless boys. Wm. H. Allen, LL.I)., President. Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia.

Home School for Yonng Ladies and Little Girls.— Best advantages for a thorough education. Refers bv permission to the Rev. H. C. Trnmbnll. Editor Sunday Nchool Times; the Rev. S. W. Dana, 4001 Pine Street, Phila., and the Rev. A. A. Willitts, 4004 Spruce Street Phila. For circulars, address Mrs. J. A. Boqardus, Principal, 4035 Chestnut Street.

Industrial School of the Immaculate Conception.— This Institution has for its object the training of young girls in habits of piety and industry, imparting


at the same time a solid English education. Board and tuition, per annum, $100.00. Music, Gold Embroidering, and Artificial Flower- making extra. For further particulars, apply to the Superioress, Industrial School, 39th and Pine Streets.

Jefferson Medical College. 15 Instructors; 600 students. Regular Winter session begins Wednesday, October 1st, 1878. J. B. Biddlk, M.D., Dean.

Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Johnson's School for Young Ladies, No. 2023 DcLanccv Place, Philadelphia, will reopen September Kith. The number of pupils limited. Instruction wholly by the principals. Kindergarten. Miss Dewing. Principal. Kindergarten. Miss Stcke, Principal. Kindergarten. Mrs. Van Kirk, Principal.

Kindergarten. Miss Rachel S. Walk (Chairman of Kindergarten Committee, Centennial Exposition) will reopen her Kindergarten and Normal Training Class September 15th, at 23rd & Brown Streets, PhilAdelphia, Pa.

La Grange School for Girls. Boarders limited to twelve. Recommended by the Rev. C. A. Maison, Prof. E. J. Houston, and 8. Austin Allibone, LL.D. Address Miss M. G. Connell, Principal (Kingsessing) Philadelphia, Pa. La Salle College.

Miss Laird's Seminary for Young Ladies and Children, No. 323 North Seventh Street, will reopen September 9th. Langton's Kindergarten.

The Lauderbach Academy, Assembly Building, No. 108 S. Tenth Street.—A Primary, Preparatory, and Finishing School. In addition to the usual Academic Studies, which prepare for College, special instruction is given in Book-keeping, Business Arithmetic, Penmanship, Composition, and Letter-writing. Mechanical and Architectural Drawing, Shading in Ink and Colors, Chemistry as applied to the Arts, Weekly Lectures, Laboratory Practice. Surveying and Civil Engineering, including Chain Surveying with Compass and Transit; Natural Philosophy, Mechanics, Steam Engine, Phonography (for Business and Heporting), etc. This special course has been extremely successful in preparing pupils lor immediate usefulness in the drafting-room, counting-house, or laboratory, or for becoming skilled mechanics. Send for descriptive circular containing full particulars. H. V. Laudkkbach, Principal. Logan Square Seminary for Young Ladies.

Long's Academy.—Pi rsons of all ages taught to write with ease, freed* m, and elegance in 24 lessons, private if desired. Ladies' department. Success guaranteed. Long's Academy, south-east corner Thirteenth and Girard Avenue. Miss Mary Anna Longstreth's School.

Medical Department of the University of Pennsy lvania.—46 Instructors. The lectures of the Wintersession of 1878-79 will begin on Tuesday, October 1stJames Tyson, M.D., Dean.

Mrs. Mitchell's School for Girls and Kindergarten, 315 North 35th Street. Kindergarten, Intermediate and Advanced Departments. Mrs. L. M. B. Mitchell, Principal.

Mount St. Joseph Academy. — This institution, under the care of the Sisters of St. Joseph, offers superior advantages for a solid and Christian education. Terms: Board, tuition in English and French, washing, plain sewing, etc., per session of five months, $100.00. For further particulars, apply to the Mother-superior, Mount St. Joseph Academy, (Chestnut Hill) Philadelphia, Pa. Mt. Vernon Seminary and Kindergarten.

National School of Elocution and Oratory.—For Clergymen, Lawyers, Teachers, and all classes of advanced students. Two departments. The Course in Elocution bears upon Conversation, Voice, Action, Pennsyl vacia.

Reading, Dramatic Recitation, and Oratory. The Literary Course includes Conversation, Analysis of Language, History, Rhetoric, Literature, Logic, Composition, Criticism, Oratory. May be pursued together or separately. Chartered 1875. Grants diplomas. Send for Catalogue. Address J. W. Shoemaker, A.M., President, 1418 Chestnut Street.

North Broad Street Select School for Young Men and Boys, N. W. Corner Broad Street and Pairmount Avenue. — 12 Instructors, Designed to afford thorough instruction in the different branches of a sound English education. Students prepared for admission to any college. Valuable and important lectures, practical courses of study, experienced teachers, thorough instruction. Geo. Eastburn, Principal.

Feirce'B Union Business College, 39 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia. — Thomas May Peirce, M. A., Principal. Rev. John Thompson, Business Manager; Residence, 2002 Brandywine Street. — The Centennial Commission awarded to this institution the Business College DiplomAnd Medal. Circulars free to those who call or wriS;

Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery. — 29 Instructors. Fees for the course, 1100.00. C.N. Peirce, Dean. Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb.

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. — Instituted 1821 for the education of Pharmacists and Druggists. Lectures commence annually October 1st and terminate March 1st. Prospectus sent on application. Address, Philadelphia College Op Pharmacy, 145 North 10th Street.

The Philadelphia Conservatory of Music, 1321 Girard Avenue, will reopen on the 2d of September. Send for circular. Philadelphia Dental College. Philadelphia Normal School.

The Philadelphia School of Design for Women, Corner of Merrick and Filbert Streets, will reopen September 9th. E. Croasdale, Principal; Jas. L. Claghorn, President; John Saktain, Vice President; F. 0. Horstmann, Secretary and Treasurer.

Philadelphia Seminary for young ladies and girls. Instruction from the Kindergarten to Womenhood. Rebecca E. Judkins, Principal, 719 Brown Street. Polytechnic College of the State of Pennsylvania. Quaker City Business College.

Bittenhouse Academy for Young Men and Boys, N. E. Corner Chestnut and Eighteenth Streets.—Vi'ill reopen September 16th. Thorough preparation for college or business. Reduction in tuition fees. Circulars sent on application. L. Barrows, A.M., and De B. K. Ludwiq, A. M., Principals.

Rugby Academy for Young Men and Boys, No. 1415 Locust Street. Young Men prepared for business, or for high standing in college. Superior Primary Department. Next Session will begin September 18th. Send for a catalogue. Edward Clarence Smith, Principal. St. Ann's Academy (Port Richmond). St. Augustine's Academy. St. Francis' Academy. St. Joachim's Academy. St. Joseph's Academy. St. Joseph's College. St. Leonard's Academy. St. Mary's Academy (Manayunk). St. Mary's Academy (Oak St.). St. Michael's Academy. St. Patrick's Academy. St. Paul's Academy. St. Philip de Ncri's Academy.

St. Sauveur's French and English School for Young Ladies and Children, 28 South Twenty-first Street. Re-opens September 19th. Pupils have unusual facilities for acquiring a good English education and a practical knowledge of the French language. Fine school-rooms and large play-ground. Apply to Mile. Boname.


St. Teresa's Academy.

St. Vincent's Seminary (Germantown).

School of Languages. — All modern Languages — French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc. taught by special native teachers of the respective countries, in from four to six months. Best method. Special study of Ancient Languages. Day and evening classes for ladies and gentlemen, from 8 A. U. to 10 P. M. Terms very moderate. Circulars free. Julils Bordollo, Principal, 108 N. 12th Street School for Young Ladies. Miss Julia A. Wilson, Germantown.

School for Young Ladies. Misses Annie and Sarah Cooper, Principal.

School for Young Ladies. Miss Anne V. Buffum, Principal.

Select Commercial School for Ladies and Gentlemen, 15th and Chestnut Streets. Instruction in all branches of Book-keeping, Practical Penmanship, Business Arithmetic, and Business Correspondence. C. E. Pond, Principal. Select Private School. Miss F. Creighton, Principal,

Miss Mary E. Stevens' (formerly Miss M. E. Aertsen and Miss M. E. Stevens') School for Young Ladies, West Chelton Avenue, below Wayne, (Germantown) Philadelphia. Fall session begins September 19th, 1878. Scholars prepared for the Harvard Examinations for Women. Miss Mary E. Stevens, Principal. Supplee Institute for Young Ladies.

Theological Seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. — 6 Instructors. Three years' course of study. Tuition free. Rev. Charles F. Scheaffkr, D.D., Senior Professor.

University of Pennsylvania. — 52 Instructors; 900 students. Instruction in five different Departments, viz: Arts, Medicine, Law, Music, and the Towne Scientific School. Charles J. Stille, LL.D., Provost.

Ury House. — A Boarding School for Boys. Thorough instruction for young boys. Strictly a Home School. Miss Crawford, Principal, (Foxcllase P. O.) Philadelphia.

Wagner Free Institute of Science.
Washington Institute for Young Ladies.
West Penn Square Academy. T. Bkandtly Langton,

West Penn Square School. Miss Agnes Irwin, Principal.

West Philadelphia Academy.

West Philadelphia Kindergarten. Miss Rider, Principal. ,

William Penn Charter Scliool for Boys Founded

1689. Chartered by William Penn, 1711. The curriculum has been arranged to meet the wants of those parents who desire for their sons a liberal education.

Address Richard Mott Jones, B. A., Head Master, 8 South 12th Street, Pa.

Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. Rachel L. Bodley, A.M., Dean.

Young Ladies' Academy, 1313 Poplar Street. Miss Mary Ann Fisher, Principal.


The Bishop Bowman Institute. — A Collegiate School for Young Ladies. 6 Instructors. Elegant and commodious building, efficient and experienced teachers, thorough instruction. Primary, Middle, and Senior Departments. Board and tuition, $400.00 per year. Rev. It. J. Coster, A.M., Rector.

Episcopal Classical Academy Boys prepared for

College or Business. A Select School in the true sense of the word. Liberal and thorough instruction. FranCis Schmid, Principal.

Iron City College. — 4 Instructors. Theoretical, Practical, and Actual Business Departments. The course of study embraces all branches of a thorough Business Education. J. C. Smith A.M., Principal.


Pennsylvania Female College (EastEnd). —13 Instructors; 85 students. Grammar School, Collegiate Department, Post Graduate Course, Music Department, and Fine Arts Department. Situation beautiful, buildings ample, instruction thorough. Kev. Thomas C. Strong, D.D., President.

Pittsburgh Conservatory of Music. — This Conservatory affords the best opportunities for securing -a complete musical education. Instruction given in the elements of Music, Theory of Music, Thorough Bass, Harmony, Composition, etc., and also iu Voiceculture, Elocution, French, and German. Pupils also have the use of the '' largest and best Grand Organ for educational purposes in America.-' Cabinet Organ, Piano, Guitar, Violin, and Flute. Twenty-two pianos and organs in daily use. Thirteen teachers are connected with the Institution, and three full courses offered. Sixty fuli lessons for EiglUeen Dollars. Pupils can enter at any time. Charges moderate. For further information, address Itev. I. C. Persuing, D.D., Director.

Pittsburgh Female College. — This Institution offers advantages and accomodations equal to those afforded by any school in the United States, and at less expense. It has elegant buildings. Eight Departments, a thorough course of teaching, and lias twenty-three efficient Teachers. Enslish and Classical courses, with native teachers of French and German. Rare advantages in Music. For catalogues and information, address Rev. I. C. Persuing, D.D., President.

Kiverview Normal and Classical Institute. — 8 Instructors; 85 students. Normal, Classical, and Commercial Departments. J. D. Kelly, A.M., Principal.

St. Michael's Seminary.
St. Ursula's Academy.

Western University of Pennsylvania. — 16 Instructors; 243 Btudents. Preparatory and Collegiate Departments. Classical, Scientific, Academical, and Engineering courses of study. George Woods, LL.D., Chancellor.

Miss M. M. Wilson's Kindergarten.


St. John's Academy.


Cottage Seminary for Young Ladies, Pottstown, Montgomery Co.; Pa. Twenty-ninth annual session. Situated on Phila. <fc Reading R. R., 40 miles from Philadelphia. First-class buildings, with gas and water, and well-ventilated and drained. Experienced and competent teachers. Shaded and beautiful grounds of live and one-half acres. For catalogues, apply to George G. Butler, A.M., Principal.

The Hill School. Preparatory to College and University. Twenty-eighth year begins September 11th. Specific design is thorough preparation (or the best colleges. Graduates enter without conditions. Location unsurpassed in healthfulness and beauty. John Meigs, Ph.D., Principal.


Pottsville Business College.
St. Joseph's Academy.


Oakda'.e Seminary. — An English, Classical, and Normal School for both sexes. Instituted October 1855. Isaac W. Glldin, A.M., Principal. Reid Institute.


Clarion Collegiate Institute 9 Instructors; 105

Btudents. English, Classical, Scientific, and Business courses of study. Prof. A. J. Davis, Principal.

St. Mary's, Elk Co. St. Benedict's Academy.

Pennsyl vania.


Merrill's Academic School. — Mathematics, Ancient and Modern Languages, common English, and Book-keeping correctly taught.

Three Departments, aflbrding good classification and discipline. H. H. Merrill, A.M., Principal. St. Cecilia's Academy.

Selin'8 Grove.

Missionary Institute.

Snyder County Normal Institute.

Sharon Bill, Delauxire Co.

Convent of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. This School is located at Sharon Hill, six miles below Philadelphia, overlooking the Delaware river, about a mile distant, and is convenient to the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railway, the station being within three minutes' walk of the Convent and several trains stopping daily at the Academy station. The grounds are beautiful and long-cultivated.

The course of instruction given in the Schools of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus comprises all the UBual branches of a sound English education, in which Latin, French, Needle-work, and the elements of Drawing are included.

Board and tuition per annum, payable half-yearly in advance, $250.00, in addition to which are the usual extras for washing, etc.

The uniform for children's clothing can be procured at the Convent.

Extras, per annum.

Entrance Fee $10.00

Washing, etc. (this does not include starched

dresses) 30.00

Use of Piano and Books 10.00

Vocal Music (Private Lessons) 60.00

""(InClass) 20.00

Instrumental Music, Piano 60.00

""Harp 80.00

Drawing—Higher Course 40.00

The German, Spanish, and Italian Languages... 48.00 For particulars, address Mother-superior, Sharon Hill, Delaware Co., Pa.


Cumberland Valley State Normal School.


Cheltenham Academy.
Eildon Seminary.

South Betlehem.

Lehigh University. — Tuition free. 14 Instructors. Civil, Mechanical, and Mining Engineering; Chemistry and Metallurgy; full Classical instruction; French and German; English Literature; International and Constitutional Law; Psychology and Christian Evi. dences. For Registers, address the Rev. John M. Leavitt, D.D., President.

State College.

Pennsylvania State College. Open to both sexes Three full courses of study: Agricultural, Classical and Scientific. A thoroughly organized Military Dc partment. Faculty of 12 Professors. Students admitted from all States on equal terms. Tuition free.

For catalogue and information, address President James Cai.dkk, State College, Centre County, Pa.

Stewartstown English and Classical Institute.

Street Road.

Westtown Boarding School. Opened 1799 under the direction of the Philadelphia iearly meeting of Friends. Male and Female Departments. Benjamin W. Passmoke, Superintendent,

Susqueliarina Depot. Laurel Hill Academy.


Swarthmore College. — For both sexes. 21 In. structors; 105 students. Full collegiate course; classical, scientific, and elective. A beautiful home Pennsyl vam'a.

and thorough instruction. Total expenses for College or Preparatory School, including tuition, board, washing, use of books, etc., $350.00 a year. No extra charges. Location high and healthy; near Philadelphia. Address Edward H. Maoill, President.


St. John's Academy.


Academy and Parochial School.
Susquehanna Collegiate Institute.

Trappe. . .

Washington Hall Collegiate Institute. — 6 Instructors. Thorough instruction in those branches which constitute a good, practical English education. Abel Rambo, A.M., Principal and Proprietor.

Turtle Creeh.

West Pennsylvania Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb.

Union City.

St. Teresa's Academy of Sisters of St. Joseph.

Hamiltonian Institute. — A Classical, Mathematical, and Scientific school for both sexes. Students' Prepared for college, business, or teaching. Rev. J. [. Hantz, A.M., Principal.


Unionville Institute.


Crozer Theological Seminary. — 5 Instructors. Three years' course of study. Especially designed for graduates of colleges and those of like attainments. Hknry G. Weston, President. VilUinova, Delaware Go.

Villanova College.—Founded 1842; chartered, with University privileges, 1848. Under the charge of the Augustinian Fathers. It oilers opportunities for a thorough Classical, Scientitic, or Commercial course. Pleasantly situated on the Penn. H. R-, eleveu miles from Philadelphia. The buildings are large and well equipped for educational purposes having spacious study-halls, play-rooms, with library, etc. (las and steam throughout the College. Particular care is taken of the moral and religious training of students. Railroad statiou and post office on the grounds. The Collegiate Year begins on the first Monday of September and ends on the last Wednesday of June.

Board and tuition, per session of five months, $125.00. Modern Languages, Music, etc., extra. For catalogue, address Fk. Thomas C. Middi.eton, D.D., O.S.A., President.


Washington Female Seminary. — Founded 1836. 8 Instructors. Preparatory and Seminary Departments. Thorough course in Music. Miss N\ ShepPabd, Principal.

Washington and Jefferson College. — 8 Instructors; 179 students. Preparatory and College Departments. College course, four years. Healthful and beautiful location, uewand ample buildings, thorough collegiate instruction. Expenses moderate. Rev. Geo. P. Hays, D.D., President.


Wayneslmrg College.

West Chester.

Darlington Seminary for Young Ladies. Formerly known as Ercildoicn Seminary. Removed to present location in 1877. New and commodious school buildings; attractive location; beautiful scenery. Five Instructors. Address Riciiakd Darlington, Jr., Principal.

Home Boarding School for Girls.—Healthy location and good board, $150.00 a year. Address Mrs. H. W. Thompson, Principal, Box414. West Chester. Pa.

Villa Maria. — Academy for Young Ladies. This institution, under the direction of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Marv. is delightfully situated

Pennsylvania.. t

in the beautiful borough of West Chester. It occupies an unrivalled position for health. The building is furnished with all the modern improvements. The grounds are extensive, affording the pupils every facility for the enjoyment of invigorating exercise.

The system of education is thorough and practical. Music, drawing, painting, the modern languages, and the scientitic departments from prominent features in the course of instruction.

The scholastic year is divided into two sessions of five months each, commencing September 1st and February 1st. Board aud tuition—English and French —per scholastic year, $200.00. Music. German, Drawing, Painting, Tapestry, aud Embroidery, Wax Flowers, etc., extra. Letters of inquiry should be addressed tO the MOTHER-SUFEKIOK.

West Chester State Normal School. — 13 Instructors. Elementary, Scientific, and Classical courses of study. Geo. L. Maris, A.M., Principal.


Private Kindergarten. Miss Bertha Vosb, Principal. St. Mary's Academy.

Wi 11 in in sport.

Wilhamsport Commercial College. — Thorough instruction in the theory and practice of business. Tuition only $30.00 for the course of twelve weeks. J. F. Davis, Principal.

Williamsport Dickinson Seminary for both sexes. Location accessible, beautiful, and healthful. Charges less than in any institution of like grade in the state. Six courses of instruction: 1. Preparatory; 2. Normal English; 3. Scientific ; 4. Classical; 5. Musical; B. Course in Art. Superior facilities for students of Music. Teachers able and experienced. Work thorough. Careful oversight of health and habits. A pleasant, Christian home. Send for catalogue to Rev. E. J. Gray, A.M., President.


Cottage Hill Seminary.
York Collegiate Institute.
York County Academy.


Hon. T. B. Stockwell, State Commissioner of Public Schools, Providence, R. I.

Harrington Centre.

Prince's Hill Family and Day School A safe,

pleasant,and healthful home with careful and thorough instruction. Number of pupils limited. Students prepared for college or business, F. Cady, A.M., Principal.

East Greenunch.

Greenwich Academy, with Musical Institute ami Commercial College. 12 Instructors: 400 students. A seaside school for both sexes. Founded 1802. On direct route from New York to Boston. For catalogue address Rev. F. D. Blakeslee, A.M., Principal. (See Appendix for illustration.) Greenwich Commercial College.


Family and Day School for Girls. Mrs. J. H. Gillian


Rogers High School.

St. Mary's Academy.

New Shoreham.

Island High School.

North Sritnate.

Lapham Institute.


St. Patrick's Academy.


Academy of the Immaculate Conception.

Academy of the Sacred Heart. — This Academy, conducted by Ladies of the Sacred Heart, is delightHhode Island.

South Carolina.

fully situated in the suburbs of Providence, on an eminence overlooking Narragansett Bay. The property includes twenty-nine acres of wood and lawn, thus affording pleasant and spacious recreation trrounds for the pupils. The plan of studies is the same as that adopted in all the Academies of the Sacred Heart. ,

Board and tuition in English and French, per annum, $200.00. Address the Lady-superior, Academy of the Sacred Heart, (Elmhurst) Providence, R. I.

Brown University. —21 Instructors; 237 students. Full and complete College Course and Departments of Practical Science. Next session begins September 18th. Ezekiel G. Robinson, D.D., President, tor catalogues, etc., apply to the Rev. William Douglas, Register, Providence, II. I.

English and Classical School. — New Building, Laboratory, Gymnasium, Military Drill; fifteen experienced teachers. Fits for business, scientific schools, or college. Fop catalogues, address Mowry and Gofk, Principals.

Knglish, French, and German Boarding and Day School. Mrs. N. W. Demunn, Principal.

friends' New England Boarding School for Boys and Girls. — Fall term opens first Wednesday in September. For catalogues, address Albert K. Smiley, A.M., Principal.

ML Pleasant Academy. — For both sexes. 4 Instructors; 60 pupils. Thorough English and Classical education. Jos. E. Maitry, A.M., Principal.

Rhode Island State Normal School. — Regular course of study, two years. A Special and Advanced Course for special classes of students. Address for circular or information, J. C. Greenouoh, Principal. St. Francis Xavier's Academy.

St Mary's Young Ladies' Seminary, conducted by the Sisters of Mercy. — Delightfully situated within two and a half miles of Providence, and on Narragansett Bay.

The Course of Instruction embraces all the branches that are necessary to the acquisition of a refined and solid education. The Academic Year is divided into two sessions of five months each. Board and tuition, per annum, $205.00. Latin, French, or German not extra. Address the Sistek-dikectress, St. Mary's Seminary (Bay View), Box 866, ProviDence, R. I.

Scholfield's Commercial College. — Founded 1846. 7 Instructors. Method scientific; system practical; teaching original. A. G. Scholfield, President. University Grammar School.

Warner's Polytchnic Business College. — The most practical institution of learning in the State. Send ten cents for catalogue. Address W. W. WarMer, Principal.

Young Ladies' School. — 8 Instructors. Careful instruction in the various branches necessary to a complete education. Mrs. Annie F. Fielden and Miss Harriet R Chacr, Principals.

St. Bernard's Academy.


Hon. Hugh S. Tiiompson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Columbia, S. C.

Blythewood, Fairfield Co.

Blythewood Female Seminary for Young Ladies.

Liberal and substantial education and complete

training. S. W. Bookhart, M.D., Principal.


Avery Normal Institute. — 11 Instructors; 320 students. Primary, Grammar, Normal, and Classical Departments. Amos W. Farnham, Superintendent.

College of Charleston. — 6 Instructors. Four years' course of study. N.russellmiddleton,ll.d., President.

Medical College of the State of South Carolina.
The Sisters' Academy.


Brainerd Institute.


Benedict Institute. — A Theological and Literary institute for the Colored Baptists of South Carolina. 4 Instructors; 114 students. Rev. Lewis Colby, President.

Columbia Female College.
State Normal School.

Theological Seminary of the General Assembly of the
Presbyterian Church in the United States.
University of South Carolina.

Curryton, Edgefield Co.

Curryton Baptist High School.

Due West.

Due West Female College.
Erskine College.

Gowensville Seminary.


Furman University.

Greenville Baptist Female College. — 10 Instructors. Primary, Academic, Collegiate, and Art Departments. Healthful and beautifullocation, experienced teachers, superior facilities for higher culture. C. H. Judson, President. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Brewer Normal School.


Lexington Female High School. Lexington High School. W. D. Schoenbero, Principal.

IAmestone Springs. Limestone Springs Female High School.


Claflin University.

Beidville, Spartanburg Co.

Reidville Female College. — This institution aims to give young ladies a thorough liberal education at a moderate expense. Preparatory, Collegiate, and Musical Departments. Robert B. Smith, President.


South Carolina Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind.

Wofford College. — 1 Instructors; 115 students. Introductory and Collegiate Departments. James H. Carlisle, LL.D., President,


St Joseph's Academy for Young Ladies. Under the care of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. All the branches of a refined and solid English education. Sister Mary Agatha, Directress.

Valley Crucls (near Columbia). Ursuline Convent and Academy. Walhalla.

Newbury College.


Williamston Female College. Rev. S. Lander, President. Winnsboro'.

Mt. Zion College.


Yorkville Female Institute.


Hon. Leon Trousdale, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Nashville, Tenu. ■


Masonic Male and Female Academy.

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