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[Institutions concerning which information was received after the list on pp. I to 93 of this

book had been prepared.!




State Agricultural and Mechanical College 11

Instructors. Six independent courses: Agriculture, Literature, Science, Surveying, and Bookkeeping. Preparatory School in connection. Tuition free; expenses low. Rev. I. T. Tichenor, D.D., President.


Gainesville Female Institute. L. H. Stone, A.M., Principal.


Marion Female Seminary. — Founded 1836. Full and able Faculty in all Departments. Board for scholastic year of nine months, including washing, light, and fuel, $135.00. Rev. H. R. Raymond, D.D., President.



Lonoke High Sohool. — A school of high grade, furnishing solid instruction in the common and higher English branches, Languages, Book-keeping, Music, and Fine Arts. Students prepared for College. J. F. Howell, Principal.


Searcy District High School. — Comprising the Male Academy and the Female Seminary. Primary, Intermediate, and Academic Departments. Instruction thorough; school apparatus adequate; location healthful; terms moderate. B. P. Baker, A.M., Principal.



St. Catherine's Academy. — Conducted by the Sisters of Saint Dominic. This institution affords every facility for the acquisition of a refined and solid education. The Academy was founded in 1850, and now ranks among the most successful educational institutions in the State. The course of instruction embraces the English, French, Spanish, and Latin Languages, Rhetoric, Elocution, Composition, Ancient and Modern History, Biography, Mythology, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Book-keeping, Botany, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Geography, Astronomy and Use of Globes, Vocal Music. Instrumental Music, including the Piano, Guitar, and Organ; Writing, Painting in Water Colors and Oil; Tapestry, Plain and Ornamental Needlework, etc., etc. Terms, for board and tuition (payable half-yearly in advance), $225.00. Parents may rest satisfied that every attention, consistent with the spirit of a firm but mild government, will be paid to the comfort of the young ladies placed at this institution. All correspondence of the young ladies will be subject to the inspection of the superioress. Letters of enquiry may be addressed to the Sistek-sitekiok.

Young Ladies' Seminary. — Careful instruction in all the departments of study designed to fit young ladies for the practical dutieB of life. Competent teachers, cheerful location, thorough and practical scholarship. Board and tuition, $160.00 per session of 20 weeks. Mrs. M. Atkins Lynch, Principal.



Napa Collegiate Institute. — A first-class boarding school for ladies and gentlemen. Eighth year. 9 teachers. Five Departments. A. E. Lasuek, Principal.


(Art and Business College is no longer in existence.) (Home Kindergarten discontinued.)

Sacramento Business College is now Sacramento Business College and Telegraph Institute. E. C. Atkinson, President.

San Francisco.

Heald's Business College. Designed to impart a thorough English education, a complete Business training, and practical instruction in Modern Languages, Drawing, Telegraphy, etc. The SchoolRoom and Connting-Room are united upon a plan that secures to the student all the practical advantages of each. There is in operation a Banking House, with Checks, Drafts, Notes, Bills of Exchange, Certificates of Deposit, etc., fully illustrating the banking business. The plan of instruction includes both clasB exercises and individual instruction. By this plan pupils are advanced rapidly, and greater progress is shown in three months than in many other schools in one year. The student is never retarded by those less advanced or of inferior ability, and is never obliged to remain idle, waiting for needed instruction. Full particulars regarding the school and its workings may be had at the office of the College, 24 Post Street, or by addressing E. P. Heald, President.

College of Medicine ( University of California). R. Beverly Cole, M.D., Dean of the Faculty, 518 Sutter St.

Medical College of the Pacific. Henry Gibbons, Jr., Dean.

San tTose.

Garden City Commercial College. H. B. Worcester,


(Institute Business College is no longer in existence.)

Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara College for both sexes. Has six fully equipped Departments (including Kindergarten and Primary) and the finest Gymnasium in the State; alBO excellent sea-bathing. Santa Barbara is called ii

the "Italy of America.* President.

Hon. Elwood Cooper,

Santa Rosa.

Pacific Methodist College. — Open to both sexes. 7 Instructors; 143 students. College and Preparatory School. Music, Art, and Commercial Departments. Rev. W. A. Finley, D.D., President.


Colorado Springs.

Colorado College. — 7 Instructors. English and Normal, Preparatory-Classical, and College courses. Special courses in Mining and Metallurgy. Terms begin September 18th, January 8th, and April 23rd. Rev. E. P. Tenney, President.



Miss Bcebe's Kindergarten. Eleanor Beebe. Principal.


Academy of the Holy Family (Sisters of Charity). This institution is situated on a beautiful spot in the village of Baltic. The sihool-rooms and dormitories are spacious, well ventilated, supplied with g»B-light and steam-heating apparatus. Board, Tuition in English and French, Bedding and Washing, per annum, $150.00. For particulars, apply to the Mother Superior.


The Episcopal Academy of Connecticut. 7 Instructors. Thorough instruction in English branches. Special attention paid to preparation for College and also for the University course and Scientific school. The Commercial Department combines all the advantages of a Commercial college with those of an Academical course. Location pleasant and healthful, discipline paternal. Military Drill. Rev. Sanford J. Horton, D.D., Principal.


Atlantic Military Institute, near Yale College. Catalogue on application. J. E. and W. M. Walton, Principals.


Miss Haines' School for Yonng Ladies and Misses. Pupils receive all the watchful care, culture, and social advantages of a well-regulated home. Number limited. Misa Haines, Principal, 801 Asylum Avenue.


Home School. Mrs. Robert H. Griswold and daughters, in their healthy and very pleasant home at Lyme, will receive a few young ladies, and thoroughly teach the piano, harp, guitar, singing by the Italian method, and drawing, sketching and painting in oil and water colors. References: Chief-Justice Waite, Washington, D.C., Judge McCurdy, Lyme, Conn.; C. H. l.udington esq., 27G Madison Ave., New York; Professor Salisbury, New Haven, Conn.


Mrs. Cotton's School for Girls.—A limited number received, on whom unusual attention is bestowed for both care and instruction. Terms, $450.00 per year.

School for Girls—Full corps of teachers. Best instruction. Health, mind, manners, morals, all cared for. Generous table. Cheerful home. Number limited References: Ex.-Pres. Woolsey, of Yale College ; Hon Wm. E. Dodge, New York; and many others. Address Rev. B. A. Smith, Principal.

New Haven.

College and Conmercial Institute. —General Russell s School. 44th year. 12 Instructors. Prepares for College. Scientific Schools, or Business. Thorough physical training by military drilling, gymnastics, etc. For full information, address Wm.h. Russei L A.M., Principal.'

T J^l^p"11*6' anFamiIy <»>d Day School for Yonng n,„i,a- P,riraar>'- n^P»TMtory, and Collegiate Depart"Vn nn'enTM for,B°a<-<l and Tuition? per schoolsTerm^lue^ JITM8"8 BA^ TMTM^°< 136

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New Grammar School. — A full course of study in both the Classical and English Departments. Prepares boys for business or for College in the most thorough manner. For circulars or information, address Mr. Giles, Principal, Nos. 11 and 12, Insurance Building.

Miss Orton and Miss Nichols (Successors to the Misses Edwards). English and French School for Young Ladies and Children. For circulars and further information, apply to the Principals, at No. 57 Elm. Street.

Sheffield Scientific School of Yale College. — Coor•s in Chemistry, Pure and Applied, in Civil and Dy..amic Engineering, in Agriculture, Botany, Zoology, Mineralogy, and Geology, and in general scientific studies, with English, French, and German, Political Economy, History, etc. For programme, address Prof. George J. Brush, Executive Officer. Mrs. Stebbins' School. 46 Clark Street. Miss Stevenson's School. 201 Chapel Street.


Home Lawn School for Young Ladies and Children. Miss H. M. Stevens, Principal.

Yonng Ladies and Children's Institute, Belden Ave. Miss E. M. Carter, Box 83.


Norwich Free Academy. — Open to both sexes. 6 Instructors. Healthy location, fine building, extensive grounds. Library, laboratory, and collections very complete. Rev. \Vn. Hutchinson, A.M., Principal.


Saugatuck Institute, on the N. H. R. R., near Westport. Business Education, English and Foreign languages, Music, etc. Foreigners taught English. Abel Whitloce, Principal.


Echo Lawn Institute for Young Ladies and Misses. Designed to afTord the very best facilities in the preparation of Young Ladies for Colleges of the highest grade. Board and tuition per year, $400.00. C C Wetsell, Principal.

Gothic Hall. An English, French, and German Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies, Girls, and Little Children. Board and tuition, $500.00 per year Misses Aiken and Chase, Principals.

Mr. King's Day School for Boys. H. U. Kino, Principal.

Mrs. Richardson's English, French, and German Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies.


Waterbury English and Classical 8chool prepares boys for the best colleges and scientific schools. 4 Instructors. School year, 38 weeks; course, 3 yearslocation healthful; church, society, and literary surroundings the very best; discipline kind and firm, but no red tape; small classes; hour recitations; each teacher devotes entire time to one branch; expenses from $375.00 to $450.00; no extras. I. Jennings, A.M., Master.


Weston Military Institute. A superior school located at Weston, one of the most salubrious towns of Connecticut, and within easy reach of New York City. To boys and young gentlemen who desire preparing for College or business, it offers superior educational advantages. Connected with the Institute is a Riding School, and ten fine saddle horses are at the disposal of those wishing to learn this healthy exercise. For full particulars and catalogue, apply to the Principal and Proprietor, Gen. A. S. Jakvis.


(Whitlock's Boarding School, removed to Saugatuck.. Conn.) ^ r

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