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Readin g-Books.


This new S'andard Series, prepared by George 8. Hili.ard and L. J. Campbell, is carefully graded with fresh selections from the best writers, and surpasses all other reading-books in beauty of Illustrations and Typography. No series published excels The Franklin in the excellence of the selections or in any of the Educational features required in reading-books designed for the use of schools.

The well established reputation of Mr. Hillard whose earlier publications have been used very extensively throughout the country will suffice to inspire all confidence in the literary merits of this series.

The Franklin Readers have already been adopted by the cities of Boston, New York, Washington, Albany, and hundreds of cities and large towns throughout the country, and in New England have a circulation exceeding tnat of all other reading-books combined. — The Series comprises: The Franklin Primer, or First Reader. $0.18 The Franklin Second Reader. $0.30

The Franklin Third Reader. $0.42

The Franklin Fourth Reader. $0.54

The Franklin Fifth Reader. $0.90

The Franklin Sixth Reader & Speaker. $1.00

The Franklin Intermediate Reader. $0.54

LEIGH'S Franklin First Reader. $0.20

LEIGH'S Franklin Second Reader. $0.36


By Richaro Edwards and J. Russell Webb.

This popular series has attained an immense circulation which is yearly increasing, both in the East and the West. Besides the successful adaptation of the Word-Method in the primary books and the examples and directions for Analysis in the higher books, the series possesses many other points of excellence which good teachers readily appreciate and adopt.

Analytical First Reader. $0.20

Analytical Second Reader. $0.33

Analytical Third Reader. $0.54

Analytical Fourth Reader. $0.63

Analytical Fifth Reader. $0.90

Analytical Sixth Reader. $1.00

Analytical Intermediate Reader. $0.57

Primary Reading-Lessons. (Eight Charts,

20x25 inches, mounted*) $3.60

WEBBS Sentence Builder. $0.80

The Class Word-Speller.

By Prof. M. A. Warren, Author of The Analytical Speller, etc., etc. $0.18

This is a progressive Spelling Book, prepared by a thoroughly practical teacher. The book is designed to teach the spelling and pronunciation of Words, and also to convey at the same time a knowledge of many important principles of Etymology and Grammar and the use of the Dictionary.

The many excellencies of this book will commend it to the intelligent teachers in our schools, many of whom have commended it as "the best spelling book yet published."


CAMPBELL'S Concise History of the United States $0.84

SEAVERTS GOODRICH'S History of the United States. $1.12

These two standard Histories have attained a wide

circulation, and retain their deserved popularity with


MacVicar's Arithmetics.

This new and admirable Series by Prof. M. Macvicar, of the New York State Normal School, at Potsdam, is receiving the unqualified approval of the best teachers and educators. We invite a careful examination of this Series, by all teachers and educators desiring to adopt the beat books for school use. The Series is complete in two books: MacVICAR'S Elementary Arithmetic. $0.35 MacVICAR'S Complete Arithmetic. $0.90 Mac VICAR'S Complete Arith. Part I. $0.60 MacVICAR'S Complete Arith. Part II. $0.60 MacVICAR'S Arithmetical Cards,

per 100, $0.75 MacVICAR'S Example Apparatus (Frame,

14 Charts, and Handbook). $15.00

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Any of the above books vrttl be sent on receipt of the Price named and tventy per cent additional for postage. 'Charts cannot be sen' by mitt. Address the Publishers.


Normal Educational Works.


BROOKS'S Philosophy of Arithmetic, containing also a History or Arithmetic. By Edwakd Brooks, Ph. D. Octavo, 570 pp. $2.25

Pull of interest, in Its logical unfolding of the Philosophy of Numbers as well as in its History oi Arithmetic an Known among the ancients and down to the present time. The Ohio C. 8. visitor says: "Arithmetic In our school days was denominated an art. Prof. Brooks has proved conclusively that indeed it is the grandest ot Sciences."

BROOKS'S Normal Higher Arithmetic. $1.25

(For Commercial and High Schools.) Original, complete and practical. It abounds with striking novelties, presented with the utmost clearness and simplicity, all calculated to make the student a master of the Uieory of Arithmetic. It also represents the actual business aB practiced in the counting-houses of merchants, custom-houses, banks, building associations, and incorporated companies.

BROOKS'S Normal Union Arithmetic. .90

In the Union, Mental and Written Arithmetic are so combined that the pupil may obtain a thorough course in arithmetical analysis while becoming familiar witn the application of the science to practical business. This union is here made not a mere nominal one, but a scientific reality. Key. $1.00*

WESTLAKE'S How to Write Letters. .80

"A judicious, refined and instructive manual on Letters, Notes and Cards. There are useful suggestions and instructions on every page." — N. J'. Christian intelligencer.

This work is intended not only as a text book in composition, but an authoritative work of reference.

WESTLAKE'S Common School Literature. .60

-More solid Improvement can be derived from this work than from most works on the subject of three or four times the size. It gives sketches of representative authors from Chaucer to Longfellow with nearly five hundred choice extracts from their works

LLOYD'S Literature for Little Folks. .40

The gems of child-literature, arranged to furnish easy lessons In Words, Sentences Language, Literature and Composition, united with Object-Lessons For children In Second Reader Handsomely Illustrated The book Is the delight of all children.

MONTGOMERY'S Industrial Drawing. Each .10

This consists of a series of Drawing Books, comprising a Primary, Intermediate, Grain mar-School and High-School Course The system is self-teaching; the exercises are applied to the various Industries of the country to enable the student to draw and design for industrial art purposes.

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BROOKS'S Normal Geometry and Trigonom. $1.10

By the aid of Brooks's Geometry the principles of this beautiiul science can be easily acquired in one term. It is Ho condensed that the amount of matter is reduced onehalf, and yet the chain of logic is preserved and nothing essential is omitted. The subject is made interesting and practical by the introduction of Theorems for original demonstration. Practical Problems, Mensuration, etc., in their appropriate places. The success ot the work is very remarkaole. Key, *A.iU*

BROOKS'S Normal Algebra. $1.10

The many novelties, scientific arrangement, clear and concise definitions and principles, and masterly treatment contained in this work, make it extremely popular Each topic is so clearly and hilly developed that the next follows easily and naturally. Young pupils can handle it, and should take it up betbre studying Higher Arithmetic. Like the Geometry, it can be readily mastered in one term. It only needs introduction to make it indispensable. Key, $1.10*

RAUB'S Normal Primary Speller. .25

RAUB'S Normal Speller. .35

These elementary works are admirably arranged and classified. Simple and easy, yet logical and comprehensive, they never fail to make ready and correct spellers.

FEWSMITH'S Elementary Grammar. .40

FEWSMiTHS Grammar of Eng. Language. .56

The uniform testimony of teachers who have Introduced these grammars Is, that they have been most agreeably surprised at their effects upon pupils. They are easy to understand and the lessons before dreaded hecome a delight. Care has been taken In modeling rules and definitions after a definite and uniform plan, and making every word and sentence an example of grammatical accuracy.

PETERSON'S Familiar Science. 12mo. $1.25

PETERSON'S Familiar Science. IRmo. .65

This popular application of science to everyday results is universally liked, and has an immense circulation. No

Inexperienced teachers have no

school should be without it difficulty in teaching it


Short, compact and interesting, this History is admirably

rranged to fix facts in the memory. These only are dealt

with, leaving causes for more mature minds. It ends with the

ROBERTS'S History of the United States.

arranged to fix facts In the memory.

with, leaving causes ft close of the late war.

SHEPPARD'S Text-Book of the Constitution. $1.10 SHEPPARTJ'S Fir«t Book of the Constitution. .65

The ablest Jurists and professors In the country, of all political denominations, have given these works their most unqualified approval. Every voter should be master of their contents.

HILLSIDE'S Geology. .80

FAIRBANKS Bookkeeping * $3.25

JARVIS'S Chiming Bells. .38

PELTON'S Outline Maps.* Per set. $25.00

1. Physical and Political Map of the Western Hemispfiere. 7 ft. by 7 ft.

2. Physical and Political Map of tiie Eastern Hemisphere. 7 ft. by 7 ft.

3. Map of the United States, Biitish Provinces, Mexico, Central America and tiie West India Islands. 7 ft. by 7 ft.

4. Map of Europe, 6 ft. by 7 ft.

5. Map of Asia. 6 ft. by 7 ft.

6. Map of Soutft America and Africa. 6 ft. by 7 ft.

PeUon's Key to full series of Outline Maps. .80

Peton's Key to Hemisphere Maps. .80

This beautiful series of Mans Is so well known that a lengthy description se*>ms to be hardly necessary. It is the only set on a lanrp scale exhibiting thp main features of Physical In connection with those of Pntitical and Local Geography. Notwith

standing the many outline maps that have been published since Pel ton's series originated this method of teaching Geography, the popularity of these elegant maps is undiminished.

j(S^ Sample copies sent to Teachers and School Officers for examination upon receipt of two-thirds above price*, except those marked l*>. Introduction Supplies furnished upon most liberal terms. Catalogues and Circulars sent free upon application. Correspondence and School Reports solicited. Address

SOWER, POTTS & Co., Publishkrs And Booksellers,

530 Market Street, Philadelphia



THE AMERICAN TEXT-BOOKS OF ART-EDUCATION. Prepared by Prof. Walter Suits, General Supervisor of Drawing in Boston Public Schools, and State Director of Art Education for Massachusetts. This Series comprises the following works: A Teaclirr'x Manual for Freeliand Drawing in Primary Scliools. 1 vol. 12mo. Boards, $1.00 American Drawing Cards for Drawing on Slate* in Primary Sclumls. Two series of 7 cards of examples and a measuringscale each, $0.15 per series. A Teacher's Manual for Freelumd Drawing in Intermediate Sclwols. 1vol. 12mo. Boards, $1.25 Intermediate Drawing Books, No. 1, 2, and 3. Each

$0.15 Tsacluar's Manual for Freehand Drawing and Design

in Grammar Schools. 1 vol. 8vo. Boards, $2.50 Freelumd Drawing Books, No. 1 to 8. Each $0.25 Geometrical Drawing Books, No. 1 to 4. "$0.25 Model and Object Drawing Books, No. 1 to 2. '• $0.25 Perspective Drairing Books, No. 1 to 3. "$0.25 Mechanical Drawing Books,No. 1 to 3 (in preparation).

Each $0.25 Drawing Copies, containing large Examples for Freehand Drawing in High Schools, Keening Classes, and Art Schools. In 4 parts, each part containing 60 pages, large 4to. Price of each part $5.00




Outline Studies. Examples illustrating tlie Principles and Method to be observed in drawing Models and Objects boldly in Outline. 5 half-imperial plates. Price per set unmounted, $3.00; mounted on pasteboard, $5.50; price per plate unmounted, $0.75; mounted, $1.25

Crayon Drawing. Examples Ulustraling the Metliod of Drawing wit/i Crayon. Prepared by Miss Mary Carter, Instructor in Drawing and Painting in the Massachusetts Normal Art School. Each exercise will illustrate not only work with the point, as a medium for executing drawings, but the other subjects of instruction as well, such as Historical Ornament, Human and Animal form, etc., thus keeping up the chain of information commenced in the dayschools. 8 half-imperial plates. Price per set unmounted, $10.00; mounted on pasteboard, $14.00; price per plate unmounted, $1.50; mounted, $2.00

8tump Drawing. Examples illustrating the Method of Sump Drawing in Ligld and Sliade. Prepared by Mrs. Susan Nichols Carter, Principal of the Woman's Art School, Cooper Union, New York. 18 half-imperial plates. Price per set unmounted, $25.00; mounted on pasteboard, $34.00; price per plate unmounted, $1.50; mounted, $2.00

Landscape Studies in Sepia. Prepared by Henry Hitchinos, Teacher of Drawing in the Boston High School. These Studies comprise a series of elementary progressive studies in landscape-painting, with the use of the brush, in sepia. The scries consists of ten half-imperial plates, in two parts, illustrating Landscape Details and general Composition. Price per set unmounted. $18.00; mounted on pasteboard, $22.50; price per plate unmounted, $2.00; mounted, $2.50

Water-Color Studies. Comprising Examples of WaterColor Painting in use in tlie Massachusetts Stale Normal Art School. After originals by C. Ryan. 12 plates mounted on pasteboard, per set $38.50; single plates $1.50 to $6.00 each.

Plant Forms, ornamentally treated. Exhibiting a number of plants in Uteir natural colors, with an aiuilysis of Uieir parts, and Uieir application to conventionalized ornament. Designed oy Miss Ghacb Carter, of the South Kensington Art School, London, and Instructor of Drawing in the Mass. Normal Art School. 10 folio plates. Price per Bet, unmounted $20.00; mounted on pasteboard, $25.00; price per plate unmounted, $2.60; mounted, $3.00

Parallel of Historical Ornament. A selection of prominent and characteristic examples in the different styles, arranged so as to present, both inform and color, a comparative view of their principal features. Prepared by Karl P. Heinzen under the superintendence of William R. Ware, Professor of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and at the Massachusetts State Normal Art School. 10 folio plates. Price per set, unmounted, $15.00; mounted on pasteboard, $20.00; price per plate unmounted, $2.00; mounted, $2.50

Industrial Drawing Copies, for Mechanics and Students in Industrial Evening Schools, illustrating tlie Elementary Principles oj Isometric Projections, Carpentry, and Machinery. Prepared by James E. Stone. 24 large folio plates. Price per Bet unmounted, $6.00; mounted on pasteboard, $15.00; price per plate unmounted, $0.35; mounted, $0.76

Machinery Drawing. Examptes for Advanced Study in Machinery Drawing. Prepared by Otto Fuchs, Instructor in Machine Drawing in the Mass. 8tate Normal Art School. 10 Plates. [In preparation.] Price per set, unmounted, $5.00; mounted on pasteboard, $10.00; price per plate, unmounted, $0,50; mounted, $1.00

Building Construction. Examples for tlie Practical Study of Building Construction. In four parts of 12 plates each, illustrating the details in the construction of a house, with alternatives for a building of wood, brick, or stone. Prepared by William R. Ware, Professor of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and at the Mass. Normal Art School. 48 4to plates. Price per set unmounted, $15.00; mounted on pasteboard, $25.00; single parts, unmounted, J4.00; mounted, $6.50

Orders of Architecture. Examples illustrating the Various Styles and Orders of Architecture, witli Uieir Details of Construction. Prepared by William R. Ware, Professor of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and at the Mass. Normal Art School. [In preparation.]

The Theory of Color, in its Relation to Art and ArtIndustry. By Dr. W. Von Bezoi.d, Professor of Physics at the Royal Polytechnical School ofMunich. Translated from the German by S. H. K(i:m.ER,witli an Introduction and Notes by Edward C. Pickering, Thayer Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Authorized American edition, revised and enlarged by the author. Illustrated by chromnlithographic plates and woodcuts. 1 vol. Large 12mo, $5.00

PRANG'S Natural Histoni Series for Schools andFamilies. Animals and Plants represented in their natural colors, and arranged for Instruction with Object Lessons. By N. A. Calkins, Superintendent Primary Schools, "New York City, and Professor of Methods and Principles of Teaching in Saturday Normal School; Author of Primary Object lessons. Second edition, revised and improved. 14 largo plates @ $0.25; 18 sets of small pictures in envelopes, 12 cards each, @ $0.40; holders for cards, $0.05 per set A Teacher's Manual, $0.50, to be supplied gratis with a complete set.

Supplement to same. 36 large plates @ $0.26

L. PRANU & CO., Publishers, BOSTON

[merged small][graphic][merged small]

Combined Trial and Copy Page WritifUt Book, Edited and published by M. A. REQUA and E. DUNN.

This new series of Copy Books is rapidly meeting with favor in all quarters. Each book contains, in connection with the ordinary "Copy Page" a •* Trial Page" opposite each copy, upon which the scholars are to practice before writing the regular Copy Page. The BerieB consists of 12 numbers, analytically, systematically and progressively arranged. The blank Trial Pages at the beginning, middlo and end of each book are intended in the Primary Course for drilling the scholars in writing their names and the dates. In the Grammar series dictation exercises may be given showing the advancement more clearly than in any other manner. These books are now on the Supply Lists of tho B mrds of Education in the Cities of New York and Brooklyn. They are used throughout the Training Department of the Normal College and are highly approved by Principalis and others as shown by the following testimonials:

"The plan, arrangement, thorough grading and above all the "Trial Page" evince not only great care and good s-nse in the preparation of the hooks hut that complete professional skill without which it seems nearly impossible to construct a useful school book." — THOMAS HUNTER, Ph. D., President of New York City Normal College.

"They combine economy and utility, and show the work of the practical intelligent teacher." — GEO. IV. FETTER, Prin. Girls Normal School. Philadelphia.

'•The trials cannot fail to be more carefully made by this happy combination and to that degree better results obtained upon the permanent paces."—A. S HIGGINS, Brooklyn, N. V.

Jos" Tho prices are the same as for other writing books.

[blocks in formation]

SCIENCE BOOKS for Grammar Schools and Academies.

C. L HOTZE. First Lessons in Physics. Illustrated. 176 pp. Price for introduction $0.55

C. L. HOTZE. First Lessons in Physiology. Illustrated. 192 pp. Price lor introduction $0.6(1

They are the only Elementary Works of the kind written especially for the Upper Grades* of our Common Schools, and they contain a certain quantity of instruo. tion which, while it may be increased by the Teacher, requires no "cutting down " or '* omitting." Price of either for examination, $0.50

LUEKEN'S German Copy Books. 6 Nos. For introduction $0.05 each.

LUEKEN'S English Copy Books. 8 Nos. For introduction $0.05 each.

LUEKEN'S German Primer. For introduction $0.15

LUEKEN'S German Grammar. For introduction $0.30


St. Lodis, Mo.

D(EDERLEIN'S Hand-Book of Latin Synonyms. Translated by Rev. H. H. Arnold, B. A., with an Introduction by S. H. Taylor, LL. D. New Edition, with an Index of Greek words. $1.25

BUTTMANN'S Grammar of New Testament Greek. Authorized translation, by Prof. Thayer. $2.75

WINER'S Grammar of New Testament Greek. Thayer's Edition. $4.00

BATEMAN'S Questions on Elementary Greek Grammar. Edited by Dr. Taylor. $0.40

VIBBERT'S Guide to Beading the Hebrew Text 11.25 Send for a full list of the Andover Publications.

W. F. DRAPER, Publisher, Andover, Mass.

Ma th ema tical. Neto Primary Arithmetic. By James S. Eaton. Combining oral and written, on the object lesson plan and profusely illustrated. 110 pp., $0.22

This is a new and revised edition of Eaton's Primary Arithmetic with many improvements, printed on new electrotype plates and with new cuts, the whole so arranged as not to interfere with previous editions. Elementary Geometry. University edition. By Wm. F. Bkadbi'ry. Plane, solid, and spherical, with numerous exercises illustrative of the principles ot es'h book—designed for colleges, academies, and school; of the higher grade. 250 pp., half mor., $1.60 The same plan is followed in this book as in the Elementary Geometry and Trigonometry of the same author. Book-keeping by Single and Double Entry. By A. B. Meservey. 156 pp., cloth, $1.00

A plain, simple, practical manual designed for the common school, high school, and academy; it isahio an excellent treatise for self-instruction. It presents the • subject in a simple yet progressive manner and is sufficiently extended for all ordinary purposes.

Blanks to accompany the above, 7 in a set, $0.90 a set.

Parliamentary Practice.

CUSHLNG'S Manual Bules of Proceeding and Debate

in Deliberative Assemblies. By Luther S. Cushino.

A new edition revised by Edmond L. Cushino. 192

pp., cloth, $0.75

This book is by common consent the authoritative

guide in all legislative and deliberative assemblies in

the United States.

The above are new works published in 1877.

THOMPSON, BROWN & CO., Publishers, 23 Hawley St., Bostos



WEISBACH'S Mechanics of Engineering. Theoretical Mechanics. Translated from the fourth augmented and improved German edition, by Eckley R Coxb. With 906 woodcut illustrations. 8vo, noo pages cloth. $10.00

WEISBACH'S Mechanics of Engineering. Applied Mechanics; containing strength of Materials, Arches, Foundations, Hydraulics, Steam Engine, and other Prime Movers, etc. Translated from the last German edition. 2 vols. [In preparation.]

PLATTNER'S Blow-Pipe Analysis. A Complete Guide to Qualitative and Quantitative Examinations with the Blow-Pipe. Revised and enlarged by Prof. Richter, Freiburg. Translated from the last German edition by Prof. H. B. Cornwall, assisted by J. H. Caswell. Illustrated with 87 woodcuts and one lithographic plate. 8vo, 550 pages, cloth, price reduced. $5.00

McCULLOCH' S Elementary Treatise on

Seat. On the Mechanical Theory of Heat and its Application to Air and Steam Engines. 8vo, cloth. $3.50

Qualitative Chemical Analysis. A Guide to the Practical Study of Chemistry, and in the work of Analysis. By S. H. Douglas and A. B. Pkescott, of the University of Michigan. Second edition, revised, 8vo, cloth. $3.50

Blow-Pipe Analysis. A System of Instruction in its Practical Use; being a Graduated Course of Analysis for the Use of Students and all those engaged in the Examination of Metallic Combinations. Second edition, with an Appendix and a copious Index. By Prof. G. W. Plvmpton, of the Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn. Illustrated. 1 vol. tamo, cloth. $1.50

NAQUET'S Legal Chemistry. A Guide to the Detection of Poisons, Falsifications of Writings, Adulterations of Alimentary and Pharmaceutical Substances, Analysis of Ashes, and Examination of Hair, Coins, Arms, and Stains, as applied to Chemical Jurisprudence, for the use of Chemists, Physicians, Lawyers, Pharmacists, and Experts. Translated from the French by J. P. BatterShall, Ph.D. iamo, cloth. $3.00

Outlines of Proximate Organic Analysis.

For the Identification, Separation, and Quantitative Determination of the more commonly occurring Organic Compounds. By Albert B. Prrscott, of the University of Michigan, nmo, cloth. $1-75

A Compendious Manual of Qualitative Chemical Analysis. By Chas. W. Eliot and Frank H. Stokhr. New edition, revised, with the cooperation of the author, by W. H. Nichols, Professor of Chemistry in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Illustrated, ismo, cloth. $1.50

RAMMELSBERG'S Guide to a Course of Quantitative Chemical Analysis, especially of Minerals and Furnace Products. Illustrated by Examples. Translated by J. Towlkr, M.D. 8vo., cloth. *a-35

MOTT'S Chemists' Manual. A Practical Treatise on Chemistry (Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis). Stoitihtometry. Blowpipe Analysis, Mineralogy. Assaying, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Human Secretions, Specific Gravities, Weichts and Measures, etc., etc. By Henry A. Mott jr., E.M., Ph. D. 650 pages, 8vo, cloth. (600

An Introduction to Chemical Physics. Designed for the use of Academies, Colleges and High Schools. Illustrated with numerous engravings, and containing copious experiments, with directions for preparing them. By Prof. Thomas Russell Pynchon, M. A. New edition, revised and enlarged, iamo, cloth. ♦3.00

STONEY on Strains. The Theory of Strains in G'rders and Similar Structures. By B. B. Stoney. New edition, nmo, cloth. $12.50

WEYRAUCH. Strength and Calculation of Iron and Steel Constructions, wan reference

to the latest experiments. by J, j. Wkyrauch, Ph. D. With four folding plates, iamo, cioth. $1.00

Text-Book on Surveying. Projections and Portable Instruments tor the use of Cadet Midshipmen at the U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis. 8vo, cloth, f 2.00

Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. Prepared for the use of the U. S. Naval Academy, by Prot J. H. C. Coffin. Illustrated, nmo, cloth. $3.50

MacCORD'S Slide Valve. A Practical Treatise of the Action of the Eccentric upon the Slide Valve. By Prof. W. G. MacCoRD, of the Stevens Institute. Illustrated. 410, cloth. $3.00

Iron Truss-Bridges for Railroads. The

Method ol Calculat ng the Strains in Trusses, with Comparisons of the most prominent ones. By Col. Wk> E. Merrill. Third edition. 410, cloth. $5.00

New Constructions in Graphical Statics. By Prof. H. T. Eddy, CI., Ph D. With ten engravings in text and nine folding plates. Svo, cloth. $1.50

ERNST'S Manual of Practical Military

Engineering. Prepared for the ase of the Cadets of the U S. Military Academy, and for Engineer Troops. By Capt. O. H. Ernst, Corps of Engineers, Instructor in Practical Engineering U. S. Mil. Acad. 193 Woodcut illustrations and 3 lithographed plates, iamo, cloth. $5.00

SHREVE on Bridges and Roofs. A Treatise comprising the determination of Algebraic Formulas for Strains in Horizontal, Inclined or Rafter, Triangular, Bowstring, Lenticular, and other Trusses from fixed and moving loads, with practical applications and examples, for the use of students and engineers. By Samuel H. Shrbvb. A.M., Civil Engineer With 87 woodcut illustrations. Second edition. Svo, cloth. $5.00

The Plane Table, and its use in Topographical Surveying. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth. $2.00

MINIFIESS Mechanical Drawing. A Text-book of t«eometrical Drawing, for the use of Mechanics and Schools With illustrations of Drawing Plans, Sections, and Elevation of Buildings and Machinery; an Introduction to Isometric Drawing, and an Essay on Linear Perspective and Shadows. With over 200 diagrams engraved on steel. By Wm. Minifie, Architect, oth edition. With an Appendix on the Theory and Application of Colors. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. $4.00

MINIFIE'S Geometrical Drawing. Abridged from the Octavo edition, for the use of Schools. Illustrated with 48 steel plates. New edition, enlarged, nmo, cloth. $2.00

Free Hand Drawing. A Guide to Ornamental Figure, and Landscape Drawing. By an Art student. Profusely illustrated. iSmo, boards. (0.5*

A Guide to the Determination of Rocks. Being an Introduction to Lithology. By Edward Jannettaz, Docteur des Sciences. Translated from the French by Gborgb W. Plymkton, Professor of Physical Science, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. iamo, cloth. •"•SO

Hand-Boole for Electricians and Operators. By Frank L. Pope. Ninth edition. Revised and enlarged, and fully illustrated. 8vo, cloth. $7.00

Matter and Motion. By J. Clerk Maxwell.

iSmo, boards. $0.50

The Star Finder, or Planisphere, with a Movable Horizon, with the Names and Magnitudes of the Constellations, mrde in accordance with Proctor's Star Atlas* Printed in Colors, on fine Cardboard. $1.00

D. VAN NOSTRAND, Publisher, 23 Murray, and 27 Warren Street, NEW YORK

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