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A. Anthropology. Ethnology. Psychology. Natural Soienoe. Theology. Logic. Metaphysics. Ethics. Aesthetics. Poetry. Oratory.

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pap. Fr. 1.25 , I

YVES MARIE ANDRE. Oeuvres phUosophiques contenant ,

Vessai mr le beau, etc. avec des notes el une introduction

sur same et ses ouvrages, par V. Cousin. 12| Paris, pap. |

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iiilion. collationee sur les meilleurs textes et prictdec

d'une introduction, par M. Jules Simon. 121 Paris, pap.

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embracing a complete System of Notation, witli the Principles of Interpretation, and Selections for Practice. 121

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The Bible in the Public Schools. Arguments of Messrs. Ramsey. Sage, and King, in the above case, in favor of the Use of the Bible. 8| Cine. pap. $0.60

The Bible in the Public Schools. Arguments of Messrs. Slalto, Hoadtey, and Matthews in the abov case, against the Use of the Bible. 81 Cine. pap. $0.50

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The prices

I Secular Schools, cr. 8| London, cl. 2s 6d. above quoted are subject to changes without previous notice.

N. C. BROOKS. School Manual of Devotion. For Daily Exercises consisting of Selections, Hymns, and a Form of Prayer. 181333. N.Y. cl. $0.75

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G. COMBE. The Constitution of Man, considered in Relation to External Objects. 18| N. Y. cl. $1.00

O. COMBE. Moral Philosophy; or. the Duties of Man considered in his Individual. Domestic, and Social Capacities. With the Author's latest Corrections. 12| N. Y. cl. $1.50

ANDREW COMSTOCK. Elocution and Model Speaker. 121 600. Phila. hf mor. $2 00

H. M. A. CORNE. Educationintellectuelle, maximes etproverbes expliquls. 18| Paris, bds. Fr. 1.25

VICTOR COUSIN. Course of Modern Philosophy. Translated by Wight. 2 vols. 81891. N. Y. cl. $4.00

VICTOR COC81N. Elements of Psychology, included in a Critical Examination of Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding, and in additional pieces. Translated from the French, with an Introduction and Notes, by Caleb S. Hesby. 121668. N.Y. cl. $1.75

VICTOR COUSIN. Lectures on the True, the Beautiful, and the Good. Translated by Wight. 8| N.Y. cl. $2.00

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CHAS. DARWIN. Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. New and revised edition, with Additions, und copious Index. 12| N.Y. cl. $2.00; hf. cf. $4.50

J. W. DAWSON. The Origin of the World, according to Revelation and Science. 12|438. N.Y. cl. $2.00

HENRY N. DAY. Elements of the Art of Rhetoric. Adapted

for the use of Colleges and Academies, and for Private

Study. 12|305. N. Y. cl. $1.25 H. N. DAY. The Art of Discourse. A System of Rhetoric

adapted for the use of Colleges and Academies, and also for

Private Study. 121343. N. Y. cl. $1.25

H. N. DAY. The Art of Elocution. Exemplified in n Systematic Course of Exercises. Rev. ed. 12|3M. Cine. cl. $1.50

H. N. DAY. Elements of Logic. Comprising the Doctrine cf Laws and Products of Thought and the Doctrine of Method together with Logical I'raxis. Designed for Classes and Private Study. 121231. N. Y. el. $1.25

H. N. DAY. Logical Praxis. 12|20O. N. Y. cl. $1.00

H. N. DAY. Rhetorical Praxis: The I*rinciples of Rhetoric, exemplified anil applied in copious Exercises for Systematic Practice, chiefly in the Development of the Thought. 121357. Cine. cl. $1.25

H. N. DAY. The Elements of Psychology. 12|320. N.Y. cl. $1.50

H. N. DAY. The Science of Ethics. 12|305. N.Y. cl. $1.75

The Debater's Hand Book and Controversialist's Companion. With a List of upwards of 1000 Subjects suitable for Discussion, cr. 8| London, bds. Is.

THOS. Dkquincey. On Style and Conversation, cr. 8| Edinburgh, cl. 5s.

RENE DESCARTES. Oeuvres morales et philosophiqucs, prlcedles d'une notice sur sa vie et ses ouvrages, par M. Amedee Prevost. 8| Paris, pap. Fr. 3.00

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O. DRESSLER. Lehrbuch der Anthropologic sum Cnterricht an hoheren Schulen, sowie sur Selbstbeletirujig. Vol. I. Somatologie. cr. 81244. illustr. Leipzig, pap. M. 3.20

E. B. DUFFEY. No Sex in Education; or. An Equal Chance for both Boys and Girls. A Reply to Dr. Clarke's ".Sex in Education." 101139. Phila. cl. $1.00

BEN. W. DWIGHT. Higher Christian Education. 12|347.

N. Y. cl. $1.50 Easy Lessons on Reasoning. 121 London, cl. Is. 6d. J.J. ELMENDORF. Outlines oftlie History of Philosojthy,

for the use of Students and Classes. 121 N. Y. cl. $1.50

C CARROLL EVERETT. The Science of Thought. 121432.

Boston, cl. $2.00 THOS. EWING. l*rinciplcs of Elocution. By F. B. Calvkbt.

12| Edinburgh, cl. 3s. 6d.

JOSEPH FABRE. Notions de philosophic, suivies de notions d'histoirede la philosophic. 12| Par.s. pap. Fr. 4.00

M. FARADAY. The Chemical History of a Candle. A Course of Lectures delivered before a Juvenile A udience at the Royal Institution. New edition. Edited by W.cbookbs. 121 illustr. N. Y. ,London. cl. $2 00

M. FARADAY. On the Various Forces of Nature, and their Relations to eacli other. Edited by W. Cbookks. 121 illustr. N. Y. (London) cl. $2.00

JOHANN GOTTLIEB FICHTE. On the Nature of the Scholar, and its Manifestations. Translated by W. Smith. 8|138. London, cl. 3s.

JOHANN GOTTLIEB FICHTE. Popular Works: The. Nature of the Scholar The. Vocation of Man The Doc. trine of Religion. Translated from the German, with a Memoir of the author, by Wm. Smith. 81672. Pt. London, cl. 16s.

JOHANN GOTTLIEB FIOHTE. The Science of Knowledge. Theoretically and I*ractically considered. Translated from the German by A. E. Kiueukii. 12| Phila. cl. $2.00

JOHANN GOTTLIEB FICHTE. The Vocation of a Scholar. Translated lrom the German by W. Smith. H|78. London, cl. 2s.

L. FIGUIER. The Human Race. Revised by B, Wilson. 8| illustr. N. Y. (London) cl. $3.00

L. FIGUIER. The Insert World. Bring a l\>pular Account of the Orders of Infects, together wit/i a Description of the Habits and Economy ofmmc.oflhe most Interesting Species. With 504 Illustrations by Blanchabd, Dklahayk, after Reacmer, etc. Revised and corrected by M. Duncan. 121 X. Y. c 1. $3.00; hf. cf. $5.00; full cf. $6.00

L. FIGUIER. Mammalia. Revised and corrected by E. P. Wbiuht. cr. 81 illustr. N. Y. (London i cl. $3.00

The prices above quoted are subject to changes without previous notice.

L. FIGUIER. The Ocean World. A Descriptive History of the Sea and Us Inhabitants. With 425 beautiful Illustrations. Carefully revised by E. P. Wrioht. 12] N. Y.

Cl. $.1.0.1; 111'. CI. i& OU; full cl. $6.00

L. FIGUIER. Primitive Man. Illustrated with 30 Scenes of primitive Life, and 233 Figures of Objects belonging to Prehistoric Ages. 8| N. Y. cl. $4.00; llf.ct'. extra$6.O0; full cf. extra $7.00

L. FIGUIER. Birds and Reptiles. New cheap edition. Revised by P. Uilmouk. With 307 Illustrations. b| N. Y. cl. $3.00; hi', cf. $5.0J; full cf. tO.UJ

L. FIGUIEB. Tie Vegetable World; being a History of P.ants. New cheap edition. Carefully revised. Illustrated with 470 Engravings. 12| N. Y. cl. IS 00; hf. cl. $5.00; full cf. $0.00

L. FIGUlEIt. The World before the Deluge. New popular editiou. Carefully revised by H. W. Briston? Wita235 Illustratious. 12| N. Y. cl. $3.00; hf. cf. $5.00; full cf. $0.00

JOHN FISKE. Otd'ines of Cosmic Philosophy. Based on Vie Doctrines of Evolution, with Criticisms on the Positive Philosophy. 2 vols. 8| Boston, cl. $6.00

WM. FLEMING. Vocabulary of Iliilosopliy. With additions by Charles P. Khauth. 12| N. Y. cl. $2.50

MATILDA FLETCHER. Practical EUiics for Schools and Families. 8|154. N. Y. cl. $1.00

J. FOSTEB. Essays—On Decision of Character. 121 London, ol. 3a. 6d.

A. FOUILLEE. Histoirede la philosophic. 8\ Paris, pap. Fr. 6.00

J. W. FRENCH. Practical Ethics. 8| N. Y. cl. $4.50

J. E. FROBISHER. Voice and Action. A new awl practical system on the culture of Voice and Action, and a complete analysis of ttie Hum'in Passions, wiVi an appendix of Readings and Recitations, designed for Public Speakers, Teacliers, and Slwlcnls. 12|204. N. Y. cl. $1.25

F. GARDEN. Outline of Logic, for Teachers and Students. 12 f London, cl. 4a.

ADOLPHE GARND2R. La psychologic ct la phrenologie comparees. 8| Paris, pap. Fr. 4.00

ADOLPHE GARNIER. Traiti desfacullts de fame, comprenant I'histoire des principales theories psychologiques. 3 Tola. 12| Paris, pap. Fr. 10.50

M. A. GARVEY. A Manual of Human Culture. 121 Beaton, cl. $3.00 ,

JOSEPH MARIE DE GERANDO. Histoire comparer, des systemes de philosophic, consideris relativcment aux principes des connaissances humaiws. '2e partie: Histoire de la philosophic moderne a parur de la renaissance des lettres jusqu'n la fin du 18. si'ecle. 4 vols. 8| Paris, pap. Fr. 26.0J

G. GIBBS. Instructions for research relative to the Ethnology and Philology of America. 8156. Washington, pap. $0.25

If. GINON. Des moyens tie divelopper par I'education la digniti et lafermett du caraclere. 81 Paris, pap. Fr. 1.00

HERMANN GOLDAMMER. Veber Friedrich Frotiefs Weltanschauung. Vorlrag. 8|31. Berlin, pap. M. 0.75

AL. M. GOW. Good Morals and Gentle Manners for Schools and Families. 121232. Cine. cl. $1.25

WM. GRAHAM. Principles of Elocution, with a Selection of Pieces. 121 London. cl.2-i.Gd.

W. B. GREENE. Critical Comments upon certain special Passages in the introductory Portion of Dr. Clarke W "sis in Education." 121 Boston, pap. $0.15

D. 8. GREGORY. Christian Ethics; or. The True Moral Manhood and Life of Duty. A TVxt-Book. 12 j Phila. cl. $1.50

A. A. (HUFFTTH. Lessons in Elocution and Drill Book for Practice of Vie Principles of Vocal Physiology, and for acquiring the Art of Eocution and Oratory, comprising all the Elements of Vocal Delivery and Gestures for Sciiools, Colleges, Uie Pulpit, and V'rival Learners. 121272. Chicago, cl. $1.50

GEORGE GROTE. Plato and other Companions of Socrates. 3 vols. 8| London, cl. 45s.

A. GUILLEMIN. Applications of Physical Forces. Translated from the French hy Mrs. N. Lockyer, and edited by J. N. Lockyer. 8| illustr. N. Y. (London) cl. $12.50

A. GUILLEMIN. Tie Forces of Nature. A Popular Introduction to the Study of Physical Phenomena. Translated from the French by Mrs N. Lockyer. and edited with Additions and Notes, by J N. Lockyer. Illustrated by 11 col. Plates and 453 Wood-cuts. Second edition. 8| N. Y. (London- cl. extra gilt $12.50

A. GUILLEMIN. The Heavens. An Illustrated Handbook of Popular Astronomy. Edited by J. N. Lockyer. An entirely New and Revised Edition, embodying ail tht latest discoveries in Astronomical Science. 8| illustr. London, cl. 12s.

ERNST H.KCKEL. The History of Creation; or, the Development of the Earth and its lnliabitants by Uie Action of Natural Causes. A l*opuiar Exposition of the Doctrine of Evolution in general, and of tiial of Darwin, Goethe, and Lamarck in particular. Translated from the German. The Translation revised by E. R. Lank£8ter. 2 vols 12| illustr. N. Y. cl. $5.00

S. S. HALDEMAN. Analytical Orthography. An Investigation of Uie Sounds of Uie Voice and their Alphabetical Notation, inclwiing the Meclianism of Speech and it.- bearing upon Etymology. Being the Trevelyan Prise Essay. 41 Phila. pap. $1.60; cl. $1.76

D. H. HAMILTON. Autology. An Inductive System of Mental Science, whose centre is the Witt, and whose Completion is Vie Personality. A Vindication of the Manhood of Man, the Godhood of God, and the Divine Authorship of Nature. 8|701. Boston, cl. $5.00

WM. HAMILTON. Lectures, embracing the Metaphysical and Logical Courses; with Notes from Original Materials, and an Appendix, containing the Author's latest development of his New Logical Theory. Edited by H. LonoceVille Mansel and John Vktxch. In two vols, viz: I. MeVtaphysical Lectures. II. Log.,al Lectures. 8| N. Y. cl. $7.00

PH. G. HAMERTON. The Intellectual Lift. equ. 12|474. Boston, cl. $2.00

S. S. HAMILL. The Science of Elocution. With Exercises and Selections systematically arranged for acquiring the Art of Realing and Speaking. 121388. N. Y. cl. $1.75

C. HARTLEY. Elocution Made Easy. 121 London, pap. la.

C. HARTLEY. English Elocutionist: a Collection for Students. 121 London, cl. 4s.

G. HARTWIG. The Sea and Us Living Wonders. A popular account of the marvels of Vie deep, and of progress of maritime discovery, from Vie earliest ages to the present time. Illustrated with 8 cbromoxylographic Plates and over 300 Wood-cuts. 81 N. Y. cl. $6.00

G. HARTWIG. The Tropical World. Aspects of Man and Nature in the Equatorial Regions of the Globe. Illustrated with 8 cbromoxylographic Plates and over 300 Woodcuts. S| N. Y. cl. $6.00

JOSEPH HAVEN. Menial Philosophy; including the Intellect, the Sensibilities, and Vn Will. 12| N. Y. cl. $2.00

JOSEPH HAVEN. Moral Philosophy; including Theoretical and Practical EUiics. 12| N. Y. cl. $1.75

J. HECKER. Scientific Basis of Education. Demonstrated by an Analysis of Vie Temperaments and of Phrenological Facts, in connection with Mental Phenomena and the Office of the Holy Spirit in the l*rocesscs of the Mind. With col. pis. 8| N. Y. cl. $2.60

C. 8. HENRY. An Epitome of the History of Philosopliy, being a work adopted by the University of France, for instruction in the Colleges and High Schools Translated from the French, with additions, and a continuation of the History from the lime ofReid to Vie Present Day. 121 Aberdeen, cl. 6s.

G. W. HERVEY. A System of Christian Rhetoric, for Vie use of Preachers and otlier Speakers. 8| N. Y. cl. $3.60

W. HERVEY. The Rhetoric of Conversation; or. Bridles and Spurs for the Management of the Tongue. 121 N. Y. cl. $1.50

JA. H1NTON. Aran and his Duelling-Place. An Essay toward Vic Interrelation of Nature. 121 N. Y. cl. $1.75

OL. WENDELL HOLMES. Mechanism in Thought and Morals. 1C| Boston, cl. $1.00

MARK HOPKINS The Low of Love, and Love as a Law; or. Christian Ethics. A new edition with important additions. 121 N. Y. cl. $1.75

MARK HOPKINS. Lectures on Moral Science. 121 BOBton. cl. $1.50

MARK HOPKINS. An Outline Study of Man; or. The Body and Mind in One System. With illustrative diagrams. 12| N. Y. cl. $1.75

How to Read Well in Public and Private, with a Selection of Suitable Readings. 8| N. Y. (London) cl. $0.60

ALEX. v. HUMBOLDT. Cosmos: a Sketch of a Pliysical Description of the Universe. Translated from the German byE. C. Otte. 5 vols. 12| N. Y. el. $6.25; sh. $8.25; hf. cf. $15.00

The prices above quoted are subject to changes without previous notice.

T. HUXLEY. Man's Place in Nature,. 121 N. Y. el. $1.25 | T. HUXLEY. On the Origin o/Speaet. 121 N. Y. el. $1.00 A. K. ISBISTER. Lessons on Elocution and Good Reading, for Oirls. 12| London, cl. 18. 6d.

A. K. ISBISTER. Outlines of Elocution and Correct Reading, for Boys. 12| Loudon, el. Is. 6d.

PAUL JANET. La morale, outrage divisl en 3 parties; livre I. U bien ou Is bon; livre II. la lot ou le devoir; livre III. la moralile ou I'agent moral. 81 Paris, pap. Vt. 7.00

BO. JARDINE. The Elements of the Psychology of Cognition. cr. 8| N. Y. London) cl. $2.00

W. STANLEY JEVONS. The Principles of Science. A Treatise of Logic and Scientific Method. 121786. N. Y. (London,, cl. $4.00

TH. 8. JOUFFROY. Court d'esthttiquc; tuivi de la these du ■mem- aulrur mr le sentiment du beau el de deux fragments intdits, ctpriccde <Tune preface par M. Te. Damibon 121 Paris, pap. Fr. 3.60

B. JOWETT. The Dialogues of Plato. Translated into Engliah, with Analysis and Introductions. 4 vols. cr. 81 N. Y. cl. $12.00; hi. mor. $20.00; hf. russ. $32.50

The same. New and cheaper edition. 4 vols. cr. 81 N. Y.

cl. $8.00 IMM. KANT. Critique of Pure Reason. Translated by J.

H. D. Meiexejohn. 121 Puila. cl. $2.00 IMM. KANT. Metaphysics of Ethics. Translated by J. W.

Beiiple. Edited by H. Caldebwood. cr. 8| Edinburgh.

cl. 6s. H. A. KENNEDY. The Heart and the Mind. True Words

on Training and Teaching. 12| London, cl. Is. 6d. FRDR. KIRCHNER. Zur Reform da Religionsunterrichts.

8|40. Berlin, pap M. 1.00 HERMANN KLENCKE. DiHtctikdcr SeeU. 81595. Leipzig.

pap. M. 5.40; cl. M. 6.60

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W. E. H. LECKY. History of European Morals, from Augustus to Charlemagne. 2vols. 12| N. Y. cl. $3.00; hf. cr. extra $7.00

W. E. H. LECKY. History of the Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe. 2 vols. 8| N. Y. cl. $4.00; hf. cf. extra $8.00

ALB. Le ROY. Sujett et eUveloppemenls dc compositions francaises donnees a la Sorbonne depuis 1866 jusqu'en 1«74 cm proposics comme exercises preparatoires pour Us exasnens du baccalaureat - is - leltres. Dissertations philosophiqws. 81385. Paris, pap. Fr. 4.30

G. H. LEWES. Biographical History of Philosophy, from its Origin in Greece down to the Present Day. 8| N.Y. cl.$3.60

The same. 2 vols. 8| N.Y. cl. $4.00 G.H.LEWES. Problems of Life and Mind. 3 vols. 8|447, 495, 668. Boston, cl. $3.00

G. A. LINDNER. Lehrbuch der empirischen Psychologic als inductiver Wissenschafl. Fur den Ge.brauch an hnheren Lehranstallen und zum Setbstunterricht. 5. Aufl. 8|223. Wien. pap. M. 2.80

J. LOCKE. Essay concerning the Human Understanding. 12| pt. Phrla. cl. $2.50

J. N. LOCKYER. Contributions to Solar Physics. With seven col. lithogr. Plates, and 175 Wood-cuts. Part I. Popular Account of Inquiries into fie Physical Constitution of the Sun, with Special Reference to Recent Spectroscopic Researches. Part II. Communications to the Royal Society of London, and the French Academit of Sciences. With Notes. 8| N. Y. (London) cl. extra gilt $10.00

E. LOUBENS. Manuelde morale pratique. 12| pap. Paris. Fr. 1.60

CHAS. LYELL. The Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man, with Remarks on the Origin of Species by Variation. 8| Pliila. cl. $5.00

CHAS. LYELL. Elements of Geology; or, the Ancient Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants, as illustrated by Geological Monuments. Sixth edition, greatly enlarged. Illustr. with 770 Wood-cuts. 8| N. Y. cl. $3.50

CHAS. LYELL. The SlwlcnVs Elements of Geology. With 636 Illustr. 121 N.Y. cl. $2.00

CHAS. LYELL. Principles of Geology; or the Modern Changes of the Earth und its Inhabitants, considered as illustrative of Geology. A new and entirely revia-d edition. 2 vo s. 8| N. Y. cl. $8.00

JAMES McCOSH. Intuitions of the Mind. 8| N. Y. cl. $3.00

JAMES McCOSH. The Scottish Philosophy. 81 N.Y. cl. $4.00

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ASA MAHAN. Intellectual Philosophy. 12)476. N.Y. cl. $1.75

ASA MAHAN. The Science of Logic; or. An Analysis of the Laws of Thought. S|387. N. Y. cl. $2 00

H. L. MANSEL. Metaphysics; or, tlie Philosophy of Consciousness, Ilienomenal and Real. 121 N.Y. cl. $1.75

G. P. MAK8H. Man and Nature; or, Physical Geography as modified by Human Action, cr. 8| N. Y. cl. $3.00; hf. cf. $6.00

G. P. MARSH. The Earth as modified by Human Action. A uew Edition of •■Man and Nature." cr. 8|674. N. Y. cl. $4.50

H. MAUD8LEY. Sex in Mind and Education. 16| N Y. pap. $0.25

H. MAUD8LEY. Body and Mind: an Inquiry into their Connection and Mutual Influence, especially in reference to Mental Disorders. With Appendix. 121275. N. Y. cl. $1.50

H. MAUDSLEY. Physiology and Pathology of the Mind. 8| N.Y. cl. $3.00

F. D. MAURICE. History of Moral and Metaphysical Philosophy. 2 vols. 81 y. Y. (London) cl $9.00

M. F MAURY. The Physical Geography of the Sea, and it* Meteorology. 8| N.Y. cl. $4.00

ABBE MAURY. Tie Principles of Eloquence. 18| N.Y. cl. $0.75

BRUNO MEYER. Aus der isthetischen POdagogik. Secht Yorlrige. cr.8|260. Berlin, pap. M. 5140

J. STUART MILL. A System of Logic, Raliocinative and Inductive: being a connected View of the I'rinciples of Evidence and the Methods of Scientific Investigation. New edition. Printed from the Eighth (last) London edition. 81 N. Y. cl. $3.00; sh. $3.50

J. MILLARD. Grammar of Elocution. 12| London, cl2s. 6d.

ST. O. MIVART. On the Genesis of Species. 12| illustr. N. Y cl. $1.75; hf. cf. $4 00

ST. G. MIVART. Lessons from Nature, as manifested in Mind and Matter. 12| N. Y. cl. $2.00

ST. G. MTVART. Man and Apes. An Exposition of Structural Resemblances and Differences, bearing upon Questions of Affinity and Origin. 12| N. Y. cl. $1.50

J. C. MOFFAT. An Introduction to the Study of Aesthetics 12|436. Cine. cl. $1.25

G. MOGRIDGE. Half Jiours with old Humphrey. 16I27H N. Y. cl. $1.00

J. D. MORELL. Handbook of Logic for Schools and Teachers. 12| London, cl. 2s.

F. MAX MUELLER. Chips from a German Workshop. Reprinted from Vie Second London Revised Edition, with copious Index. Vol I. Essays on the Science of Religion. cr. 8|460. cl. $2.50. Vol. II. Essays on MylUoh gy. Traditions, and Customs, cr. 81 cl. $2.50. Vol. III. Essays on Literature, Biographies, and Antiquities, cr. 8| cl. $2.50. Vol. IV. Comparative Philology, Mythology, cr. 81 N. Y. cl. $2.50

F.MAX MUELLER. lectures on the Science of Religion; with papers on Buddhism, ami a Translation of lite Dhammapada, or Path of Virtue, cr. 8| N. Y. cl. $2 00

P. J. J. MUELLER. Rousseau. Der putlagogische Irrstern unserer Zeit und die christliche Erzichungsaufgabc. Vortrag 8|41. Hannover, pap. M. 0.80

J. E. MURDOCH and W. RUSSELL. Orthophony; or, the Cultivation of the Human Voice in Elocution. With a Supplement on Purity of Tone, by G. J. Webb. (Commonly known as "Vocal Culture.") 121350. Bostou. cl $1.25

SAMUEL NEIL. Art of Public Speaking: Principles cf Oratory, etc. 121 London, cl. Is.

HENRY ALLEYNE NICHOLSON. Examinations in Natural History. A Progressive Series of Questions prepared to assist Teachers in framing their Examinations, cr. 81 Loudon, pap. Is.

H. A. NICHOLSON. Introduction to Biology, cr. 8| iUuatr. Edinburgh, cl. 5s.

The prices above quoted are subject to changes without previous notice.

. C. NOTT and O. It. GLIDDON. Indigenous Races of Hit Earth: or. New Chapters of Ethnological Inquiry: including Monographs of Special Departments of Pttilotogy, Iconography, Cranioscopy, Palaeontology, Pathology, Archceology. Comparative Geography, ami Statural History. Contributed by Alfred Maury, Fra.Pulsbky, and!. Aitkin Meios. With communications from Jo. Leidy, aud Lou. Aoassiz, presenting fresh Investigations, Documents, and Materials. illuBtr. with numerous pis., plain and col., and wd. wigs. 8|665. Phila. el. $6.00

J. C. NOTT and G. R. GLIDDON. Types of Mankind; or, Ethnological Researches. Based upon the Ancient Monuments, 1'aintinijs, Sculptures, and Crania of Races, and upon their Natural, Geographical, lliilological, and Biblical History. Eaborately illustr. with col. mpa. and engt. on wood and stone. 8|7;:s. phila. cl. $5.00

DAVID PAGE. The Geological Examinator. A progressive Series of Questions prepared to assist Teachers xn framing their examinations, cr. 8| London, pap. 9d.

D. PAGE. Handbook of Geological Terms, Geology and Physical Geography. Second Edition enlarged, cr. 8| London, cl. 7s. 6tf.

D. PAGE. Examinations on Physical Geography. A progressive Series of Questions prepared to assist Teachers in framing their Examinations, cr. 8| London, pap. 9d.

W. PALEY. Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy. With Questions for the Examination of Students. 121 NY. cl. $1.50

BLAISE PASCAL. Pensies, publitrs dans leur texte autheniique, avec un commentaire et une ilude litltraire, par Ernest Havet. 8| Paris, pap. Ft. 7.60

AND. P. PEABODY. Christianity and Science. IS 1295. N.Y. cl. $1.75

OSCAR PESCHEL. The Races of Man anil their Geographical Distribution. 12| N. Y. cl. $2.25

JOHANN HEINRICH PESTALOZZI. Idee und Macht der menschlichen Entwickclung. Bearbeitet von Josephine Zehnder, geb. Stadlxn. I. Bd. Zeit und Vorteit von I'estalozsi's Entwickclung. 8|846. Gotha pap. M. 16.00

JE. C. PICKERING. Elements of Physical Manipulation. 2 vols. 81 illustr. Boston, cl. $7.00

NOAH PORTER. The Human Intellect. With an Introduction upon Psychology and the Human Soul. Prepared for use in Colleges and Higher Seminaries as a text-book. cr. 8| N. Y. cl. $5.00

Part Royal Logic. Translated from the Prench, with Introdution, Notes, and Appendix, by T. 8. Bathes. 121 Edinburgh, cl. 4s.

H. SCHELLEN. Spectrum Analysis, in its Application to Terrestrial Substances, and the Physical Constitution of the Heavenly Bodies. Familiarly explained. Translated from the second enlarged and revised German edition, by Jane aud Caroline Labsell. Edited with Notes by W. Huooins. With numerous Wood-cuts, col. PlateB, and Portraits, also Angstrom's and Kirchhoff's Maps. 8|455. N.Y. cl. $6.00

FR. SCHILLER. Aesthctical Essays. Containing also his Philosophical Letters and the Essay on the Connection bettoeen the Animal and Spiritual Nature in Man. 121 Phila. cl. $1.50

FR. 8CHLEGEL. The Philosophy of Life and Philosophy of Language, in a Course of Lectures. Translated from the German by A. J. W. Morrison. 12| N. Y. cl. $1.60

FR. 3CHLEGEL. Aesthetic and Miscellaneous Works. 8| London, cl. 3s. fid.

EARL 8CHMIDT. Buch der Erxiehung und des linterrichts, gegrundet auf die Naturgesetze des menschlichen Leibesund Geistes. Bnefe an Eltern, I.ehrer und Erzieher. Vielfach vermehrt unit rerljcssert von WlCHABD Lanoe. cr. 8|667. Cotben. pap. M. 7.IK)

8. S. 8CHMUCKER. Psychology; or, Elements of a New System oj Mental Philosophy, on the Basis of Consciousness and Common - Sense. Designed for Colleges and Academies. 12| N. Y. cl. $1.26

A. SCHWEOLER. Handbook of the History of Philosophy. Translated aud annotated by Ja. H. Stirlino. 12|410. N. Y. cl. $2 50

A. 8CHWEGLER. History of Philosophy. Translated from the German by J. H. Seelye. 121366. N. Y. cl. $1.60

EMMA SEILER. The Voice in Speaking. Translated from the German by W. H. Furnehs. 121164. illustr. Phila. cl. $1.60

K. M. 8EWELL. Principles of Education, drawn from Nature and Revelation, and applied to Female Education in the Upper Classes. 12] N.Y. cl. $2.00

J. C. SHAIRP. Culture and Religion in some of their Relations. 16|203. N. Y cl. gt. t. $1.25

J. C. SHAIRP. Studies in /V(ry and Philosophy. 16|358. N. Y. cl. gt. t. ;I ..-ii

C. W. SHIELDS. The Pinal Philosophy; or. System of Perfectible Knowledge issuing from the Harmony of Science and Religion. 8|fi09. N. Y. cl. $3.00

JULES SIMON. La religion natureUe. 7. ed. 121 Paris, pap. Fr. 3.60

HENRY B. SMITH. Faith and Philosophy: or. Discourses and Essays. Ed. with Introduction by G. L. Prentiss. 81 N. Y. cl. $3.50

J. C. SOUTHALL. The Recent Origin of Man, as Illustrated by Geology and the Modern Science of Prehistoric Archceology. 81 illustr. Phila. cl. $6.00

HERBERT SPENCER. The Principles of Psychology. 2 vols. 12| N. Y. cl. $5.00

HERBERT SPENCER. Education, Intellectual, Moral, and l^ysical. 121 N. Y. cl. $1.25

HERBERT SPENCEU. Essays: Moral, Political, and Aesthetic. 12|413. N. Y. cl. $2.60

BENEDICT De SPINOZA Ethics, Demonstrated after the Method of Geometers and divided into five Parts, in which are treated separately: 1. Of God; 2. Of the Soul; 3. Of the Affections or Passions; 4. Of Man's Slavery, or the Force of the Passims; 5. Of Man's Freedom, or the Ivwer of the Understanding. Translated from the Latin. With an Introductory Sketch of his Life and Writings. 8|378 N. Y. cl. $3 00

J. G. SPURZHEIM. Education: Its Elementary Principles, founded on the Nature of Man. With an Appendix, containing the Temperaments, and a Brief Analysis of the Faculties, 6y 8. R. Wells. 12| N. Y. cl. $1.26

HIPPOLYTE TALNE. De Vintelligence. 2 vols. 8| Paria. pap. Fr. 15.00

HIPPOLYTE TAINE. Les philosophes classiques du dixneuvieme siicle en France. 121 Paris, pap. Fr. 3.60

H. W. TAPPAN. Elements of Logic. New and entirely revised edition. With an Introductory View of J*hilosophy in general, and a Preliminary View of the Reason. 12|467. N Y. cl. $1.60

THOS. TATE. The Philosophy of Education. 121 London. cl. 6s.

ISAAC TAYLOR. The Elements of Thought, cr. 8| London, cl. 4b.

ISAAC TAYLOR. The World of Mind. An Elementary Book. cr. 8| London, cl. 7s. fid.

8EDLEY TAYLOR. Sound and Music: A Non-Mathematical Treatise on the Physical Constitution of Musical Sounds and Harmony, including the Chief Acoustical Discoveries of 1'rofessor Helmholtz. cr. 8| N. Y. (London) cl. $3.00

W. G. TENNEMANN. Manual of the History of Philosophy. Continued by J. R. Mobell. cr. 8| London, cl. 5s.

THERY, GRUEN et BOURDON. Notions de philosophic, lie droit et d'hygiene pratique. 8| Paris, pap. Fr. 9.00.

Separately: Notions dephilosophie, par H. Turn. 8| Paris, pap. Fr. 4.50

Notions d'nygiene pratique, par M. Isidore Bourdon. 8| illustr. Paris, pap. Fr.3.00 .

W. THOM PSON. Outline of the necessary Laws of Thought. A treatise on I*ure and Applied Logic, with an Appendix on Indian Logic. An attempt to enlarge the science of litre Logic. 12I34U. N.Y. cl. $1.75

M. THORNLEY. True End of Education developed. 12| Edinburgh, cl. 3s. fid.

R. T. TRALL. The Culture of the Human Voice. Containing its Anatomy, Physiology, Ibthotogy, Therapeutics, and Training. With Rules of Order for Lyceums Questions for Debate, etc. 12| N. Y.° pap. $0.60; cl. $0.75

JOHN TULLOCH. Rational Theology and Christian Philosophy in England in tlie \1th Century. 2 vols. 8 Edinburgh, cl. 28s.

E. B. TYLOR. The Early History of Mankind. 81 N.Y. cl. $3.50

H. L. D. POTTER. A Manual of Reading in four Parts: Orthophony, Class Methods, Gesture and Elocution. Designed for Teachers und Students. 12| N.Y. cl. $1.40

The prices above quoted are subject to changes without previous notice.

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