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W. D. ADAMS. Dictionary of English Literature. A Com. 1 H. BARNARD. American Pedagogy: Education. The

prehensive Guide to English Authors and their Works. School, and The Teacher, in American Literature. 8608. 41 London. cl. $4.00

Hartford. cl. $3.50 ARCH. ALISON. History of Europe. 8 vols. 81 N. Y. H. BARNARD, English Pedagogy: Education, The School, al. $16.00

and The Teacher in English Literature. First Series: S. AU. ALLIBONE. Dictionary of English Literature, and

ASCHAM's Schole Master; BACON, On Studies and Education, British and American Authors, living and deceased.

with Annotations by WHATELY; WOTTON's Apothegms on From the Earliest times to the Middle of the 19th Century.

Education; MILTON'S Tractute on Education; HARTLIB's Containing over 46,000 Articles (Authors. With 40

College of Agriculture; PETTY'S Trade School; LOCKE'S Indexes of Subjects. 3 vols roy, 8/3140. Phila. cl.

Thoughts on Education; SPENCER's Education; FULLER'S $22.50: sh. $25.50; hf. mor. $28.50; hf. mor. gilt top

Good Schoolmaster; GOLDSMITH's Village Schoolmaster; $31.50; hf. russ, $33.00; full mor. gilt edges $45.00

SHENSTONE's Schoolmistress. 81482. Hartford. cl. $3.50; 8. AU. ALLIBONE. A New Dictionary of Poetical Quota

Second Series. 8 608. Hartford. cl. $3.50 lions, covering the entire field of British and American H. BARNARD. Educational Aphorisms and Suggestions, AnPoetry, from the time of Chaucer to the present day. With cient and Modern. Part I. 8202. Hartford, cl. $3.50 a variety of useful Indices, and Authors and Subjects H. BARNARD. True Student Life. Letters, Essays, and alphabetically arranged. 81788. Phila. cl. $5.00; sh. Thoughts on Studies and Conduct; Addressed to Young $6.00, $8.00; tur. ant. $10.00

Persons Iny Men eminent in Literature and Affairs. 8/552. 8. AU. ALLIBONE. Prose Quotations from Socrates to

Hartford. cl. $3.50 Macaulay. With Indexes. Comprising 544 Authors, 571 J. BARTLETT, Familiar Quotations: Being an Attempt to Subjects, and 8810 Quotations. 81764. Phila. cl. $5.00; trace to their Sources Passages and Phrases in Common Use. sb. $6.00; hf. cf. $8.00; tur, aut $10.00

12 Boston. cl. $3.00; hf. cf. $5.00; cf. $6.00; mor. The American Educational Catalogue for 1877. With Subject.

antique $6.50

antique » Index. Compiled by F. LEY POLDT. 8136. N. Y. pap. J. RUSSELL BARTLETT. Dictionary of Americanisms: $0.25 net

a Glossary of Words and Phrases usually regarded as American Eloquence, A Cyclopædia of American Eloquence,

peculiar to the United States. 81 N. Y. cl. $2.50 2 vols. With 14 st. pts 81190. N. Y. cl $7,00.; sh. W. A. BECKER. Charicles, or Private Life of the Ancient $8.00; ht, mor. $10.00; hf. cf. $10.00.

Greeks. 121 London. cl. 78. 6 d. Annual Record of Science and Industry for 1877. Edited by W. A. BECKER. Gallus, or Roman Scenes. 12 London. Prof. S. F. BAIRD. 121 N. Y. cl. $2.00.

cl. 78. 6 d. C. ANTHON'S Classical Dictionary. Containing an account

8. O. BEETON. Dictionary of Universal Information of of the principal Proper Names mentioned in Ancient Au

Geography, History and Biography. 2 vols. 81 illustr. thors, and intended to elucidate all the important points

London. 21 8. connected with the Geography, History, Biography, Mytho-S. O. BEETON. Dictionary of Unirersal Information of logy, and Fine Arts of the Greeks and Romans, together 1 Science, Art and Literature. 2 vols, 81 illustr. London. with an account of the Coins, Weights, and Measures of the Ancients, with Tabular Values of the same. roy. 8 N.Y. The Best Reading. Hints on the Selection of Books: on the sh. $6.00

Formation of Libraries, Public and Private; on Courses of APPLETON'S American Cyclopaedia, A Popular Dictionary Reading, etc. With a Classified Bibliography for Easy Re

of General Knowledge. Edited by GEORGE RIPLEY and ference. 4, revised and enlarged Edition, continued to CHARLES A. DANA. 16 vols. 813,291. N. Y. illustr. per August, 1876, with the addition of Select Lists of the vol. cl. $5.00 net; sh. $6,00 net: hf. mar. $7.00 net; hf. best French, German, Spanish and Italian Literature. russ. $8.0 net; full russ, $10.00 net; full mor. $10.00 Edited by FREDERICK BEECHER PERKINS. 81. N. Y. net

cl. $1.75 (see PUTNAM'S Library Companion.) APPLETON'S American Annual Cyclopaedia, and Register W. BEUMER Erziehungsspiegel. Eine pädagogische An

of Important Events of the Years 1861 to 1877 inclusive, thologie, allen Freunden der Erziehung, insbesondere den embracing Political, Civil, Military, and Social Affairs, Maltern gewidmet. 8|204. Detmold. pap. M. 3.00 Public Documents, Biography, Statistics, Commerce, Fin

Bibliothek pūdagogischer Classiker. Eine Sammlung der be. nance, Literature, Science, Agriculture and Mechanical

deutendsten pädagogischen Schriften älterer u, nruerer Zeil. Industry. 17 vols. 81 N. Y. per vol. cl.' $500; sh.

Unter Mitwirkung mehrerer Schulmänner und Gelehrten $6.00; bf. mor. $6.50; hf. russ. $7.50; full russ. 9.00;

hrsg. v. FRDR. MANN. 65 parts. 81 Langensalza. full mor. $9 00

pap. M.27.50 The Duke of ARGYLL. Reign of Law, cr. 81 London. | BLACK. General Atlas of the World. Comprehending 70 cl. $2.00

Maps, with Geographical Descriptions and a copious BACHELET et DEZOBRY. Dictionnaire général des lettres, Index. A new and improved editin with 12 extra

des beau-arts, el des sciences morales et politique. 2 vols. maps. 1876. fol. Boston. hf. mor. $22.50 81 illustr. Paris. pap. fr. 25.00; cl. fr. 29.50; 1. fr. A. Br. BLACKWELL. Studies in General Science. 121 31.50

N. Y. cl. $1.75 WALTER BAGEHOT The English Constitution, and other | BLAIR. Chronological Tables. Revised and enlarged by Political Essays, 12 N. Y. cl. $2.00

J. W. ROSSE. London. cl. 10 8. 8. F. BAIRD. see Annual Record of Science and Industry. | BOHN. Handbook of Proverbs. Comprising all Ray's EngJ. D. BALDWIN. Ancient America. 12 illustr. N. Y. 1 lish Prorerbs with additions, his foreign Proverbs, and an cl. $2.00

Alphabetical Index. 81 London, cl. 5 s. GEO, BANCROFT. History of the United States. 10 vols. The Book of Date or Treacur,

ROFT. History of the Uniled States. 10 vols. The Book of Dates, or Treasury of Universal Reference. 81 81 pt. & iups. Boston. cl. $25.00; sh. $35.00; hf. cf. I London $45.00

Book of Thought: or, Happy Thoughts of Happy Thinkers. A GEO, BANCROFT, History of the United States. Centenary

Parents' and Teachers' Handbook designet for the use of Edition. 6 vols. 12 Boston. cl. $13.50; sh. $18.00; Private Thinkers as well as for the million-being a Collechf. cf. $24.00

tion of the Happiest Thmights of the Happiest Thinkers in H. H. BANCROFT. The Native Races of the Pacific States their Happiest Moments, laconically expressed. 121324. of North America. 5 vols. 81 N. Y. cl. $27.50 net

Cincinnati. cl $1.25

:00, "The

The prices above quoted are subject to changes without previous notice.

ANNE C. L. BOTTA. Hand-Book of Universal Literature. | CASSELL. Biographical Dictionary. With full-page Por12 Boston. cl. $2.50

traits or Eminent Men. Imp. 8|1152. London. (1. $12.00 G. S. BOWES. Ilustratire Gatherings for Preachers and ROBERT CHAMBERS. Book of Days: a Repertory of Po

Teachers. A Manual of Anecdotes, Facts, Figures, Pro pular Antiquities, Seasonal Phenomena, Fok Lore of the verbs, Quotations. Adapted for Christian Teaching, 12504. I'nited Kingdom, Anniversary Days of Notable Events, etc. Phila. cl. $1.75

etc. 2 vols. imp. 81 illustr. London. 21 s. The same. Second Series. 121464. Phila. cl. $1.75

ROBERT CHAMBERS and ROBERT CARUTHERS. CHARLES L. BRACE. The Races of the Old Cyclopaedia of English Literature, A History, Critical and N. Y. cl. $2.50

Biographical, of British Authors, with Specimens of their W. T. BRANDE. Encyclopaedia of Science, Literature and

Writings. 2 vols, roy. 811732. illustr. Phila. cl. $9.00; Art. 81 N. Y. sh. $6.00

sh. $10.50; hf. cf. gilt extra $13.00 E. COBHAM BREWER. The Dictionary of Phrase and

CHAMBERS' Encyclopaedia. A Dictionary of Universal Fable. Giving the Derivation, Source or Origin of alout

Knowledge for the People. New revised edition, 1877, 20,000 Common Phrases, Allusions and Words that have a

containing 27,000 distinct Articles, 3100 Wood Engravtale to tell. Newer and Cheaper edition, cr. 8/1614.

ings, 39 col. Maps, and Index to 17,000 incidentally Phila. cl. $3.50; hf. cf. $6.00

mentioned subjects. 10 vols. roy. 818266. Edinburgh. D. G. BRINTON. Myths of the New World. 121 N. Y.

cl. 325,00; sh. extra $36.00; hf. cf. $45; hf. russia $48.00;

extra tree cf. $75.00 cl. $2.50

P. H. CHAVASSE. Aphorisms on Mental Traini BROCKHAUS' Conversations-Lerikon. Allgemeine deutsche

Child. 12 London. cl. 28. 6d. Real- Encyclopädie für die gebildeten Stunde. (Twelfth edition, to be completed in 15 vols.)

F. W. CLARKE. Weights, Measures, and Money of all Navols. I.-X. 81 Leipzig. per vol. pap. M. 6.00; hf.

tions. 12 N. Y. cl. $1.50 mor. M. 7.50

MARY COWDEN CLARKE. Complete Concordance to ROBERT BROWN. The Races of Mankind. A description

Shakespeare, 81 Boston. cl. $9.00; uf. cf. $12.50; tree of the Characteristics, Manners and Customs of the Prin

cf., extra $15.00 cipal Varieties of the Human Family 4 vols. 81 Lon A Classified Catalogue of School, College, Classical, Technical don. cl. $12.00; bound in 2 vols. cl. $10.00

and General Elucalional Works in use in the United KingW. C. BRYANT. Homer's Iliad in English Blank Verse.

dom and its dependencies in 1876, so arranged as to show at 2 vols, 161 Boston. cl. $4.50; roy. 81 cl. $9.00

a glance what works are arailable in any given branch of w a BRYANT. Homer's Odyssey in Enolish Blank Verse. I

Education. Compiled by SamPSON Low. 81154. London.

cl. 58. 2 vols. 16 Boston. cl. $4.50; roy. 81. cl. $9.00

CH. D. CLEVELAND. Compendium of American LiteraW. C. BRYANT. Library of Poetry and Song. 81 N. Y.

ture. 12784. N. Y. cl. $2.50 cl. $5.00

CH. D. CLEVELAND. Compendium of English Literature, W. M. BUCHANAN. The Dictionary of Scientific Terms.

chronologically arranged from Sir JOHN MANDEVILLE to Explanatory of all the Terms used in the Arts, Sciences, etc.

WILLIAM COWPER. 121776. N. Y. cl. $2.50
London. cl. 6 s.

CH. D. CLEVELAND. English Literature of the Nineteenth W. M. BUCHANAN. Technological Dictionary. 81 Lon. |

Century. Supplementary to the Author's Compendium of don. cl. 4 s. 6 d.

English Literature. 12798. N. Y. cl. $2.50 W. BUCKLAND. Geology and Mineralogy. 2 vols. 81

S. T. COLERIDGE. Biographia Literaria. 2 vols. 81 London. cl. 15 s.

N. Y. el. $5.00 H. T. BUCKLE. History of Civilization in England. Wi

I G. W. COLTON. General Atlas of the World, containing a complete Index. 2 vols. 81 N. Y. cl. $4.00

212 Maps and Plans on 142 Imperial Folio Sheets, accomT. BULFINCH. The Age of Chivalry. 121 Boston. cl. panied by Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Leller. $3.00

Press Descriptions. Fol. N.Y. cl., mor. back and corners, T. BULFINCH. The Age of Fable. 121 Boston. cl.

gilt edges $20.00 $3.00

JOH. AMOS COMENIUS. Pūclagogische Schriften. Uebes. T. BULFINCH. Legends of Charlemagne. 121 Boston. |

setzt und mit Anmerkungen und ues Comenius Biographie el $3.00

versehen ron TH. LION. 16/543. Langensalza. pap. M.3.00

JOH. AMOS COMENIUS. Ausgewühlte Schriften. Mutler. ROBERT BURTON. Anatomy of Melancholy. 3 vols. 81

schule, Pansophie, Pangnosie etc. Uebersetzt und mit ErN. Y. cl. $5.25

läuterungen versehen von JU. BEEGER und JOHANN LEUTThe same. 1 vol. 8]. Phila, cl. $2.75; sh. $3.50

BECHER. 81375. Leipzig. pap. M. 3.00 E CAIRNES. Character and Logical Method of Political M. D. CONWAY. Sacred Anthology. 121 N. Y, cl. $2.00 Economy. 12 N. Y. el. $1.50

I V. COUSIN. Lectures on the True, the Beautiful and the J. E. CAIRNES. Leading Principles of Political Economy | Good. 81 N. Y. cl. $2.00 newly expounded. 8 N. Y. el. $2.50

G. CRABB. Dictionary of General Knowledge. 8] London. J. E. CAIRNE8. Essays on Political Economy. 81 London. | el. 7s. cl. $3.50

EDWARD S. CREASY. Fifteen Derisire Battles of the E. M. CAMPAGNE. Dictionnaire universel il'éducation et

World; from Marathon to Waterloo. 12 N. Y. cl. $1.50 d'enseignement i l'usage de la jeunesse des deux seres, des EDWARD S. CREASY. History of the Rise and Progress of professeurs de collèg, des pères de famille, des instituteurs,

the English Constilution. A l'opular Account of the Pri. des maitres et mai'rex828 de pension et des éères qui se pré.

mary Principles, the formation and Development of Ike parent a une épreuve publique quelconque, contenant tout

English Constitution, avoiding all Party Politics. 121 ce qu'il y a de plus essentiel dans les connaissances humaines

N. Y, el. $1.50 et tous les renseimements d'une application journaliere en

AL. CRUDEN. Complete concordance. A Dictionary and matière: 1. d'élucation, 2. d'enseignement primaire, 3.

Alphabetical Indler to the Bible. Unabridged ed., X. Y. d'enseigmoment secondaire; prévélé: 1. d'une Table analy.

cl. $2.75; sh. $3.50; hf. mor. $4 50 tique pouvant serrir de programme et de sujets pour toute

The same. Abridged edition. 16 N.Y. cl. $1.50: sh. $2.00 espèced composition; 2. h Dictionnaire étymologique de tous les mots tirés du latin et du grec; 3. d'un Dictionnaire ERNST CURTIUS. The History of Greece. Translated by comique pour épayer la conversation et recréer l'esprit: 4. A. W. WARD. 5 vols. 81 NY. cl. $12.50 du Dictionnaire de la prononciation des mols tirés de l'hi: | The Cyclopaedia of Biography. A Récord of the Lives of Emistoire, de la géngraphie etc.; 5. de la liste des autrurs cités ment l'ersons. Continued to August 1677. 81 N. Y. cl. dans le cours de l'ouvrage, et suivi de deur frailéx umant $3.50; hf. cf. $5.50 et juxtafiunt tous les grands principes philosophiques, poli.

The Curlopedia of Education. A Diclionary of Information tiques et religieur; le tour rédigé au point de rue de l'élère

for the use of Teachers, School Officers, Parents and others, et mis et la portée des gens du monde, crec toutes les direc

Edited by HENRY KIDDLE and ALEX, J. SCHEM 81886. lions à l'usage des mailres et des familles, arec la collabo

N Y. cl. $5.00 net; sh. $6.00 net: hf. mor. $7.00 net; ration d'auteurs spéciaux. 81373. Paris. pap. fr. 16.00

hf, russ. $800; full mor. $10.00; full russ. $10.00 H. C. CAREY. Manual of Social Science. 81 Phila. cl. | CHARLES A. DANA. The Household Book of Poetry. New $2.25

edition, enlarged with Additions from Recent Authors. THOMAS CARLYLE. Critical and Miscellaneous Essays. 81 N. Y. cl. $5,00; hf. cf. $8.00 4 vols, cr. 81 N. Y. cl. $9.00

| The same. New cheap edition. 81. N. Y. cl. $3.50

The prices above quoted are subject to changes without previous notice.

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J. H. M. D'AUBIGNÉ. The History of the Reformation. Encyclopædia Britannica. Ninth Edition. Edited by 5 vols. 12 N. Y. cl. $6.00

THOMAS SPENCER BAYNES. To be completed in 21 vols. The same, 8] N. Y. cl. $3.00

41800 to 900 each. illustr. Boston, vol. cl. $9.00; hf.

russia $11.00 THOMAS DEQUINCEY. Works. 12 vols. 81 N. Y. cl. $21.00; sh. $21.00; hf. cf. $42.00

Encyclopūdie des gesammten Erziehungs- und Unterrichtswe

sens, bearbeitet von einer Anzahl Schulmänner und Gelehr. A. DE TOCQUEVILLE. Democracy in America. Trang. ten, herausgegeben unter Mitwirkung von PALMER und

lated by REEVE; edited with Notes, the Translation WILDERMUTH von K. A. SCHMID, 10 81 Gotua. revised, and in great part rewritten, and the additions

pap. M. 120.00 made to the recent Paris editions now first translated

The same. v. XI. Nachtrag. Now being published in by FRANCIS Bowen. 2 vols. Boston. cl. $5.00

parts. Deutsch-amerikanisches Conversations-Lericon. Mil specieller

The same, Nachtrag: Russland - Russische Ostseeprovin. Rücksicht auf das Bellürfniss der in Amerika lebenden

zen. Parts 103 and 104. cr. 81144. (Vol. XI., pp. Deutschen, mit Benutzung aller deutschen, amerikanischen,

289-432). Gotha. M. 1.20 englischen und französischen Quellen, und unter Mitwir.

The same. Second Edition. Vol. I. in 3 parts. cr. 811111. kung vieler hervorragender deutscher Schriftsteller Ameri

Gotha. M. 10.00 ka's, bearbeitet von Prof. AL. J. SCHEM. Complete in 110 party, roy. 8/80. N.Y. Pap. @ $0.25; or in 1l vols, roy.

The same. Vol. II, part I. cr. 81320. Gotha. M. 5.00 81800. cl. @ $3.25; hf. mor. @ $4 25

The English Catalogue of Books published from January. (Contains a large number of articles on the subject 1835, to January 1863, comprising the contents of the of Education. Each volume and each part sold sepa "London" and the British" Catalogues, and the principal rately.)

works published in the United States of America and ContiDeutscher Universitäts-Kalender. Hrsg. v. F. ASCHERSON 0.

nental Europe, with the Dates of Publication, in Addition to W SEELMANN. 10. Ausg. Winter-Semester 1876–77. |

the Size, Price, Edition, and Publisher's Vame. Compiled 2 vols. 16272. Berlin. M. 2.25

by SAMPSON Low 8/910. London. hi. mor. 458. A Dictionary of Derivations of the English Language, in Index to the British Catalogue of Books published during the which each word is traced to its Primary Root. Forming a years 1837 to 1857 inclusive. Compiled by SAMPSON Low. Tert-Book of Etymology, with Definitions and the Pronun. 81341. London. hf. mor. 289. ciation of each Word. 161 N. Y. cl. $1.00

The English Catalogue of Books, comprisiny the contents of A Dictionary of Latin Quotations, inc'uling Proverbs, Max.

the "London" and the British" Catalogues, and the prin. ins, Mottoes, Law Terms and Pirases an l a collection of

cipal works published in the United States of America and above 500 Greek Quotations; with all the Quantilics marked

Continental Europe, with the Dates of Publication, in Adand English Translations. 121 N. Y. hf. cf. $4.00

dition to the Size, Price, Edition, and Publisher's Name.

Vol. II. January 1863 to January 1872. Compiled by A New Dictionary of Quotations from the Greek, Latin, and

SAMPSON Low. 8|452. London. hf. mor. 30s. Modern Languages. With an Index, cr. 81 London. cl. 78. 60.

Inder to the English Catalogue of Books. Compiled by

SAMPSON Low. Vol. II. 1856 to Jan. 1876. 8|408. A. DIESTERWEG. Ausgewählte Schriften. Hrsg. von

London. hf. mor. 42s. ED. LANGENBERG. parts 1--10. 8 Frankfurt a. M.

The English Catalogue of Books for 1863, containing a com. pap. M. 7.50

plete List of all the Books published in Great Brilain and A. DIESTERWEG. Lichtstrahlen aus seinen Schriften. Mit

Ireland in the Year 1863, with their Sizes, Prices, and Pub. einer biographischen Einleitung herausgegeben von ED.

lishers' Names; also, of the principal books published in the LANGENBERG. 8/237. Lipzig. cl. M. 4.00

United States of America, a continuation of the London LUDWIG DOEDERLEIN. Handbook of Latin Simonymes. and British Catalogues. 8162. London. pap. 38. 6d. Translated by H. H. ARNOLD. With an Introduction by S.

The same, for 1864, 60 pp., 39. 6d., for 1865, 61 pp., 3s, H. TAYLOR. With an Indes of Greek Words. 12|267. An 6d.; for 1866, 74 pp., 5s.; for 1867, 84 pp., 58.; for dover. hf. roan $1.25

1868, 88 pp., 59.; for 1869, 88 pp., 58.; for 1870, 90 pp., JAMES DONALD. A Dictionary of the English Language, 58.; for 1871, 94 pp., 58.; for 1872, 88 pp., ; for 1873.

Pronouncing, Erplan ttory, anl Etymological, with l'oca. | 94 pp., 58.; for 1974, 85 pp., 5s.; for 1875, 95 pp., 58.; bularies of Scottish Words, Americanisms, Words and for 1976, 94 pp., 5s. ; for 1877, 108 pp , 58. Piraxes from Foreign Languages, etc. roy. 81 London. W ERLER. Die Direktoren - Conferenzen des preussischen cl. 10 s.

Staules. Sämmtliche aus ihnen gepilogenen Verhandlungen, F. S. DRAKE. Dictionary of American Biography, includ. geordnet, ercerpirt und ringreitet durch eine Darstelung ing Men of the Time, 81 Boston. cl. $6.00

der geschicht ichen Entwickelung dieser Conferenzen, 81288.

Berlin, pap. M 5.00 JOHN W. DRAPER. History of the Civil War in America.

Essays on the Enclowment of Research. By Various Writers. 3 vols. 81 N. Y. cl. $10.50

41 London, cl. 10s. 60. JOHN W. DRAPER History of the Conflict between Re ligion an'l Science. 12 N. Y. cl. $1.75

C. C. FELTON. Lectures on Greece. 81. Boston. cl. $5.00 JOHN W. DRAPER. Intellectual Derelopment of Europe,

First Century of the Republic. 81 illustr. N. Y. el. $5.00 New edition. 2 vols. 121 N. Y. el. $3.00

ENGELBERT FISCHER. Die Grossmacht der Jugend- und E. A. and G. L. DUYCKINCK Cyclopedia of American

Volksliteratur. 1. Abthlg: Jugendliteratur. Tom patrioLileraure. Witb Portraits and Illustrations. Elited to

tischen, religirsen unt plagogisch - dulak'ischen Stand. date by M. L. SIMONS. 2 vols. Imp. 8 Phila. cl.

pruikte kritisch beleuchtet. 4 vols, 812011. Neustadt. $12.00

M. 15.00 T. H. DYER. Pompeii: ils llistory, Buildings and Antiqui.

G. P. FISHER. The Reformation. 81 Y. cl. $3.00 ties. 81 illustr. London, cl. 7s. 60.

J. W. FOSTER. Prehis'oric Races of the United States, cr.

81415 illustr. Chica 20, el. $3.00; ht, of., gilt top $5.00; A Classified Descriptive Catalogue of American, Brilish, Ger

1 full cf. gilt edges 6.50 man, Prenci, and other Foreign Publications on Education and General Piloloqu: together with Vörka of Reference | A. H. FRANCKE. Scarifien über Erziehung und InterTeichers' Han l books etc., exclusive of Tert-books. Edited

richt. Bitbritet und mit Erläuterungen rrrichon von by E. STEIGER.

KARL RICHTER. 81760. Leipzig. pop. M. 6.00 E. EDWARDS. Free Town Libraries. The formation. | A. H. FRINCKE. Pedagogische Schriften vele! der DarManagement and History in Britain, France, Germany,

stellung seines Lebens und sciner Stiftungen hersg. v. G. and America. Together with brief notices of book-collec'ors KRAMER 8/423. Langensalza. pap. M. 4 00 and of the respective places of deposit of their surviring col. FRANZ. Die Wahl des Brrufs. Handl ucr für Direktoren lections. 81 N. Y. el. $4.00

höherer Schulanstalten, Etern, l'ormünder, et l'errsicht R. W. EMERSON. Parnassus: A choice collection of Poetry.

über die rerschiedenen Berufsarten, zu denen eine bestimmte 81 Bostou. cl. $4.00

wixsenschaflliche Vorbildung verlangt neird, ren Gang

und ihre muth masslichen Kosten. Herausgezelsen nach R. W. EMERSON. Representative Men. 161 Boston. cl.

amtlichen Quellen und Gutachten ron Sach.vrstündigen. $1.50

8278. Görlitz. pap. M. 5.00 R. W. EMERSON. Works. New edition. 9 volg. 81 E A. FREEMAN. Comparative Politics. 81 N. Y. (Lon. Boston. c). $13.50

I don). cl. $3.00

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The prices above quoted are subject to changes without previous notice.

E. A. FREEMAN. Growth of the English Constitution. 81 | RICHARD HILDRETH. History of the United States. First N. Y. (London). cl. $2.00

Series. From the First Settlement of the Country to the

Adoption of the Federal Constitution. Second Series. E. A. FREEMAX. History of the Norman Conquest of Eng.

From the Adoption of the Federal Constitution to the End land. 5 vols 8 N. Y. cl. $20.00

of the Sirteenth Congress. 6 vols. 81 N. Y. cl. $18.00; FRI. FROBEL. Gesammelte pūdagogische Schriften. Her.

sh. $21.00; hf. cf. $31.50 ausgegeben von WICH. LANGE. 2 vols. in 3 divisions.

CHARLES HOLE. A Biographical Dictionary. With AdWith pt. and 19 pls. 8 542, 561, 583. Berlin. pap. M.

ditions and Corrections by WILLIAM A. WHEELER. 23.00

16 Boston, cl. $1.50 Separately: I, 1. Aus Frobel's Leben und ernstem Streben. Autobio | FR. HUEBL. Handbuch für Directoren, Professoren und

Lehrer der österreichischen Gymnasien, Realschulen und graphie und kleinere Schriften. With pt. 81542. pap.

terwandter Anstalten (Lehrerbildungsanstalten, HandelsM. 7.00

mittelschulen u. a. 81279. Brüx. pap. M. 5.00 I, 2. Ideen Frdr. Fröbel's über die Menschenerziehung und Aufsätze verschiedenen Inhalts. With 3 bls. 81561. | DAVID HUME. History of England, from the Invasion of pap. M. 8.00

Julius Cæsar to the Abdication of James II. 1688. With

the Author's last Corrections and Improvements. To II. Die Pūdagogik des Kindergartens. Gedanken Frdr.

which is prefixed a short account of his Life, written Frübel's über das Spiel und die Spielgegenstände des K'in*

by himself. 6 vols. 121 N. Y. cl. $6.00; sh. $8.40; des. With 4 pp. of music and 16 pls. 81582. pap. M. 8.00

hf. cf. $16.50 FRI. FREBEL. Manuel pratique des jardins d'enfants a DAVID HUME. History of England. Standard edition. l'usage des institutricex et des mères de famille, composé sur

A new edition, with the last Correc'ions and Improveles documents allemands par J. E. Jacobs et Mme. la ments; with an Account of his Life, written by him. baronne DE MARENHOLZ. With 85 engs, and several self. 6 vols. 12 illustr. N. Y. cl. $9 00; sh. $12.00; pp of music. 4/219. Bruxelles, pap. Fcs. 10.00

hf. cf. gilt back $19.50 FRI. FROEBEL. L'éducation de l'homme. Traduit de l'alle- | J. F. HURST. Life and Literature in the Fatherlawd.

mand par Mme, la baronne J. DE CHOMBRUGGHE. With 81 N Y. cl. $2.25 pt. roy. 81411. Bruxelles. pap. Fcs. 7.50

Index Geographicus: Being a List, alphabetically arranged,'of FRI. FROEBEL. Mutter- und Koselieder. ichtung und the Principal Places on the Globe, with the Countries and

Bilder zur edlen Pflege des Kindheitlebens. Ein Familien Subdirisions of the Countries in which they are situaled, buch. With Etchings, Text, aud Music. New ed. 4192. and their Lalitudes and Longitudes. Applicable to all Berlin, bds. M. 11.25

Modern Atlases and Maps. 81676. London. cl. 21 s. RICH, FROTHINGHAM. The Rise of the Repu of the | Information for the People. Containing Treatises on Science, United States. 81 Boston. cl. $3.50

Philosophy, History, Geography, Literature, and all the .J. A. FROUDE. History of England from the Fall of Wol.

more important departments of general knowledge. New sey to the death of Elizabeth. 12 vols. cr. 81 Popular

Edition. Illustrated by Wood Engravings, 2 vols. Edition. N. Y. cl. $15.00

81 London. cl. 16 8.; bf. cf. 23 s. E. GIBBON. Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Jani

Jahrbuch des Vereins für wissenschaftliche Pädagogik. VIII. Standard Edition. With Notes by H. H. MILMAN. 6 vols.

Jahrg. (1876) hrsg. v. T. ZILLER, 81306. Langensalza. 12 N. Y. cl. $9.00

pap. M. 5.00 IX Jahrg. (1877) 81316. Langensalza. P. GODWIN. see Cyclopædia of Biography.

pap. M. 5.00

JOHNSON'S Dictionary of the English Language. New edi. Great Truths by Great Authors. 81 Phila. el. $2.00

tion. By ROBERT GORDON LATHAM. Founded on that G. W. GREENE. Historical View of the American Revo of Dr. SAMUEL JOHNSON as edited by Rev. J. H. TODD. lution, cr. 81 N. Y. cl. $1.50

With numerous Emendations and Additions. 4 vols. R. W. GRISWOLD, The Female Poets of America. 81 41 Boston. cl. $45.00; hf. russia $60.00 N. Y. cl. $5.00

JOHNSON. Lives of the English Poets, with Critical Obser. R. W. GRISWOLD. The Poets and Poetry of America. 81

rations on their works. With Notes by PETER CUNNINGN. Y. cl. $5.00

HAM, and a Life of the Author, by MACAULAY. 2 vols. R. W. GRISWOLD. The Poels and Poetry of England in

12 Phila. cl. $3.00; sh. $4.00; hf. cf. gilt extra $6.50 the 19th Century. 81 N. Y. cl. $5.00

Kalender für deutsche Volksschullehrer. 1878. Hrsg. vom R. W. GRISWOLD. The Prose Writers of America. 81

geschäftsführenden Ausschusse des deutschen Leh.

rer-Vereines, Vol. IV. Part I. Phila cl. $5.00

16172. Wittenberg.

pap. M. 0.90. GEO GROTE. History of Greece. 12 vols. 121 N. Y. cl. $18.00

H. KIDDLE. see Cyclopædia of Education.

H. KIDLLE. Bee Year Book of Education.
E. GUHL and W. KONER. The Life of the Greeks and
Romans described from Ancient Monuments. Translated

J. KITTO. Biblical Cyclopædia, and Inder. New Edition. by F. HUEFFER. 81 illustr. N. Y, cl. $4.00

3 vols. 812914. illustr. Pbila. cl. $18.00; hf. cf. $24.00 A Guide to American Literature: Being a Selected List of CHARLES KNIGHT. Half- Hours with the Best Authors. American Publications, with Expository Notices for the

New edition, revised and remodelled by the original Guidance of Book-buyers. By E. STEIGER. (In press.)

editor. Illustrated with 52 Engravings on Wood by F. GUIZOT. History of Civilization. 2 vols. 121 N. Y.

HARVEY and numerous Portraits on Steel. 4 vols, 81

N.Y. cl. $9.00; hf. cf. $15.00; f. cf. $20.00; tree ct. $25.00 cl. $4.00 H. HALLAM. Constitutional History of England from the

CHARLES KNIGHT. Half- Hours with the Best Authors. Accession of Henry III. to the Death of George II. 3 vols.

With short Biographical and Critical Notices. Housecr. 81 N. Y. cl. $5.25

hold Editi n. 3 vols. 121 With six Pts. Phila. cl. H. HALLAM. Introduction to the Literature of Europe in

$6.00; hf. cf. $12.00; hf.russ. $15.00 the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries. 4 vols.

| The same. Library Edition, Pr nted on fine laid and cr. 81 N. Y. cl. $7.00

tinted paper. With 24 Pts. on Steel. 6 vols, 12| cl. H. HALLAM. A View of the State of Europe during the

$9.00; hf. cf. gilt >18.00; hf. r ss. gilt top $21.00 Middle Ages. 3 vols, cr. 81 N.Y. cl. $5.25

CHARLES KNIGHT. The Popular History of England. PHILIP G. HAMERTON. The Intellectual Life. 12/

An illustrated History of Society and Government, Boston. cl. $2.00

from the earliest period to our own times. With an

Appendix of Annals 1849-1867, and Index 8 vols. 81 ALEX. HAMILTON. The Federalist. 81 Phila. cl. $3.50;

Phila. (1. $20.00; hf. cf. $36.00; tree cf. $50.00 sh. $4.25 HAYDN. Dictionary of dates, relating to all Ages and Na.

CHARLES KNIGHT. Studies of Shakespeare. A new Edi. tions, for Universal Reference. Edited by BENJAMIN VIN-1 tion. 81 N. Y. cl. $3.00 CENT. 81 N. Y. el, $5.00; sh. $6.00

J. KOHLRAUSCH. AC'mplele History of Germany. 81 HAYDN. Dictionary of Dates, relating to all Ages and Na. N. Y. cl. $2.50; hf. cf. $4.50

tions, for Universal Référence. By BENJAMIN VINCENT. G. KEPP. Nlustrirtes Hand- und Nachschlagebuch der tor. With an American Supplement, containing about 200 züglichsten Lehr- und Veranschaulichungsmiltel aus dem additional pages, including American Topics and a Gesammtgebiete der Erziehung und des Unterrichts für copious Biographical Index. 8/1000. N. Y. cl. $9.00; Fachleute an Lehranstalten unul Instituten jeder Art. 81775. hf. mor. $12.00

With 576 engravings. Bensheim, pap. M. 8.00

The prices above quoted are subject to changes without previous notice.

The Koran of Mohammed. Translated by G. SALE. 81 | J. R. McCULLOCH. The Universal Gazetteer: a Dictionary Phila. cl. $2.75; sh. $3.25

Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the various G. E. LESSING. The Laocoon. An Essay on the Limits of

Countries, Places, and Principal Natural Objects in the Painting and Poetry. Translated irom the German by

World. In which the articles relating to the United States ELLEN FROTHINGHAM. 161 Boston. cl. $1.50

have been greatly multiplied and ertended. By DANIEL

HASKEL. 2 vols. 81 Mps. N. Y. sh. $10.00 LIPPINCOTT'S Dictionary of Biography. Universal Pronoun. cing Dictionary of Biography and Mythology. Edited by J.

THOMAS MCELRATH. A Dictionary of Words and Phra. THOMAS. 2 vols. roy. 812345. Phila. cl. $22.00; sh.

ses used in the Commerce. 81 N. Y. cl. $6.00 $24.00; hf. tur. $27.00; full. mor. $36.00

ALEXANDER MACKAY. Facts and Dates: or, the Leading The same. Cheap edit, in 1 vol., sh. $15.00; hf. tur. $17.00 Events in Sacred and Profine History, and the principal LIPPINCOTT'S Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World: or,

facts in the various Physical Sciences. For Schools and Geographical Dictionary. New edition, thoroughly revised.

Private Reference. cr. 81336. London, cl. 4 s. Wuth 10.000 new Notices, and the most recent Statistical CHARLES MACKAY. A Thousand and One Gems of Eng. Information according to the latest Returns of the United lish Poetry. With upwards of fiity Illustrations by States and Foreign Countries. Edited by J. THOMAS and eminent artists. 41 N. Y. cl. $4.00; tree cf. $10.00; T. BALDWIN. roy. 812332. Phila, sh. $10.00; in 2 vols. full mor. antique $12.00 sh. $1200

CHARLES MACKAY. A Thousand and One Gems of Eng. E. W. LONGFELLOW. Poels and Poetry of Europe. With

lish Hrose. Globe edition, cr. 81 N. Y. cl. $1.75; hf. Introduction, Biographical Notices and Translations,

cf. $3.50; tre cf. $5.00 from the earl est period to the present time. A New and Revised Edition. Imp. 8 illustr. Phila. cl.

HORACE MANN. Annual Reports on Education from 1839 $6.00; sh. $7.50; hf. cf. $9.00; tur. mor. ant. $12.00

to 1848. cr. 81770. Boston. cl. $3.00 BENSON J. LOSSING. Pictorial Field. Book of the Revolu. THORACE MANN. Lectures and Annual Reports on Education; or. Illustrations by Pen and Pencil of the History,

tion, cr. 81584. Boston. cl. $3.00 Biography, Scenery, Relics and Traditions of the War of HORACE MANN'S Thoughts selected from the Writings. Independence. 2 vols. 811500, 1100 Engravings. N. Y. | 161240. Boston. cl. $1.25 cl. $14.00; sh. $15.00; hf. cf. $18.00; full tur. mor. gilt H. MARTIN. Popular History of France, from the Comedges $22.00

mencement of the French Revolution of 1789 to the present BENSON J. LOSSING. Pictorial Field. Book of the War of day (including the establishment of the present re

1-12; or, Illustrations by Pen and Pencil of the History, public). 3 vols 81 illustr. Boston. cl. $16.50; sh. Biography, Scenery, Relics, and Traditions of the last War $19.50: hf. cf. gilt extra $22.50; hf. mor. extra $22.50: for American Inulependence. large 8/1084. 882 illustr. full mor. gilt extra $30.00 N. Y. cl. $7.00: sh. 38.50 full roan $9.00: hf. cf. or hf. | FREDERICK MARTIN. The Statesman's Year-Book: A mor. extra $10; full mor. gilt edges $12.00

Statistical and Historical Account of the States of the Civi. SAMPSON LOW. gee A classified Catalogue....- The Eng. lized World. cr. 81 N. Y. (London) each annual volume lush Catalogue. ... etc.

$3.50 MARK ANTONY LOWER. English Surnames: an Essay HARRIET MARTINEAU. History of England. From the

on Family Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological and beginning of the 19th Century to the Crimean War. With Humorous. With Illustrative Appendixes. Fourth En fuil Index. 4 vols. 121 Phila. cl. $4.00; sh. $6.00; hf. larged Edition. 2 vols. 81 London. pap. 12 s.

cf. $12.00 JOHN LUBBOCK. Origin of Civilization, and the Primitive WM. MATHEW. The Great Conversers, and other Essays. Condition of Man. 121 N. Y. cl. $2.00

12 Chicago, cl. $1.75 JOHN LUBBOCK. Pre-historic Times, as illustrated by An. 1 WM. MATHEW. Hours with Men and Books. 121 Chi.

cient Remains, and the Manners and Customs of Modern cago, cl. $2.00; cl. full gilt edges $2.50 Savages. 81610. illustr. N. Y. cl. $5.00; hf. cf. $10.00

E. D. MAURICE. The Friendship of Books; and other FRI LUEBRER. Gesammelte Schriflen zur Philologie and Lectures. Edited, with Preface by THOMAS HUGHES. cr.

Pułagogik. 2 vols. cr. 8424, 674. Halle pap. 81 N. Y. cl. $2.50
M 12.00

TH. E. MAY. The Constitutional History of England, since THOS. B. MACAULAY. Essays, Critical and Miscellaneous.

the Accession of George III, 1760-1860. 2 vols. cr. 8] N.Y. 7 vols. 81 N. Y cl. $8.75; hf. cf. $24.00; full cf.

I cl. $3.50; hf. cf. gilt, or antique $7.00 $31.50 THOS. B. MACAULAY. Critical, Historical, and Miscel.

Men of the Time: A Biographical Diclionary of Eminent

Living Characters of both Seres. Ninth Edition, revised laneous Essays. With a Memoir and Index, and a Por

and brought down to the present tine (1875). 8/1100. trait of Macaulay. Student's edition. 3 vols. 12) Bo.

N. Y. cl. gilt top $6.00 ston. cl. $6.00; hf. cf. $12.00. - Popular Edition. 81 Boston, cl $2.50

W. MENZEL. History of Germany. 3 vols. 81 pts. LonTHOS. B. MACAULAY. Critical, and Miscellaneous Essays.

don. cl. 109. 6d. 8 N. Y. cl. $2.50; sh. $3.50; Lf. cf. $5.00

CHARLES MERIVALE. Conversion of the Northern NaTHOS. B. MACAULAY. History of England. From the

tions. The Boyle Lectures for the year 1865, delivered

at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall. 12 last edition of his Works, edited by his sister, Lady

N. Y. cl. $1.50 TREVELYAN. Student's edition. 4 vols. 12) Boston.

CHARLES MERIVALE. The Conrersion of the Roman Em. cl. $8.00; hf. cf. $16.00

pire. The Boyle Lectures for the year 1864, delivered THOS. B. MACAULAY. History of England. From the

at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall. 12 N. Y. cl. $1.50 Accession of James II. Standard edition. 5 rols. cr. 81

CHARLES MERIVALE. History of the Romans under the N. Y. cl. $7.50; sh. $8.75; hf. cf. $15.00

Empire. 7 vols. 81 N. Y. cl. $14.00; hf. cf. $28.00 THOS. B MACAULAY. The History of England, from the

| PHILIPP MERZ. Goethe als Erzieher. Lichtstrahlen aus Accession of James II. With elaborate Index. Library

seinen Werken. Ein Handbuch für Haus und Familie, edition. 5 vols. 81 N. Y. cl. $10.00; sh. $12.50; hf. cf. !

81363. Leipzig. pap. M. 3.00; cl. gilt edges. M. 4.00 $21.25

MEYER'S neues Conversations. Lerikon. Unter der Redac. THOS. B. MACAULAY. The History of England, from the tion von H. KRAUSE heransgegeben von H. J. MEYER.

Acocssion of James II. 5 vols, in 1 vol. 81 Pt. Phila. Second edition 16 vols. 81 illustr. Leipzig. hf, mor, cl. $3.00; sh. $3.50

M. 120.00 THOS. B. MACAULAY. Lays of Ancient Rome, and other

The same. Third edition, to be completed in 240 weekly Porms. 161 N. Y. cl. $1.25; cl. gilt $1.75; hf. cf.

parts. 81 illustr. Leipzig. per part pap. M. 0.50, or $2.50

in 15 vols. per vol. cl. M. 9,50; hf. mor. M. 10.00 JOHN MCCLINTOCK and JAMES STRONG. A Cycloper MEYER'S Hand- Lericom des allgemeinen Wissens. In einem dia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature. Bunde mit vielen Karten der Astronomie, Geographie, 7 vo.s. comprising the letters A to Pes. are now ready. Geognosie, etc. 81 Leipzig. pap. M. 10.50. hf. mur. 8! Mps, and Ilustr. N Y. W vol. cl. $5.00 net; sb. M. 15.00; in 2 vols. cl. M. 13.50 $6.00 net; hf. mor. $8.00 net

M. MICHELET. A Summary of Modern History. Trans. J. R. McCULLOCH. A Dictionary. Practical, Theoretical lated from the French of M. MICHELET, and continued and Historical, of Commerce anul Commercial Narigation. to the present time by M. C. M. SIMPSON. 81 N. Y. New edition. Edited and corrected by H. G. REID.

cl. $1.75 81 Ma g and Plans. London. cl. 63 8. - Second Sup. H. MIGNET. History of the French Revolution, 1789-1814. plement to the same 81 cl. 3s. 60.

New edition. 81 pt. London. cl. 3s. 60.

at the cue Boyle Lectures form of the Northern No.

The prices above quoted are subject to changes without previous notice.

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