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tions. It is, therefore, his intention carefully to collect and publish in the subsequent issues such information in these respects as may be deemed of sufficient value, while any additional particulars that may be desired will be cheerfully communicated at the Office of his Educational Bureau.

Within the short lime that has elapsed since the organization of this Bureau its desirability no less than its efficiency has been established and numberless positions have been filled through its agency, without any expense either to teachers or to employers. Gratified to feel that he is thus doing a welcome service to many persons, and cheered and encouraged on all sides, the undersigned will continue to work in this direction, and further, with the aid of an extensive collection of reference books, catalogues, and other material, endeavor to give full information in regard to educational matters at home and abroad.

Cordial thanks are expressed to all who have aided in the preparation and correction of this volume, and the request is added that whosoever can contribute to the correctness and reliability of later issues, will do so at the earliest opportunity.

E. Steiger.


(See NOTE at the end.;



Hon. Leroy F. Box, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Montgomery, Ala.

Andrews Institute.

Andrews Institute.


State Agricultural and Mechanical College.


Wilcox Female Institute.

Dadeville Masonic Female Institute.


Union Female College.


Florence Synodical Female College. 7 Instructors; 75 students. Primary and Collegiate Departments. Address J. D. Anderson, A.M., President, Florence. Ala. State Normal School. S. P. Rice, A. M., President.

Greene Springs. Greene Springs School.


Green3boro' Female College. — A delightful winter residence for consumptives. A strictly first-class undenominational school of high grade, for young ladies. Terms, $200.00 per annum for board and Tuition, including Ancient and Modern Languages, Vocal and Instrumental Music. School session opens October 1st. Address Rev. P. Ward White, Principal, Greensboro', Ala. Southern University.


Hantaville Female College. — 11 Instructors; 140 students. Primary Academic and Collegiate Departments. Rev. Geo. W. F. Price, D.D., President,


Rotherwood Home. Mrs. F. A. Ross, Principal.
Rust Normal Institute.


Howard College. — 12 Schools, 10 Instructors: 112 students. J. T. Mitrfee, LL. I)., President.

Judion Female Institute. — 15 Instructors; Primary, Preparatory and Collegiate Departments. Addres Rev. L. It. Gwaltney, D.D., President, Marion, Ala.

Lincoln Normal University. G. N. Card, President. Marion Female Seminary.


Medical College of Alabama.

Mobile M'litarv Academy. — A select Day and Boarding School for Boys and Young Men. D. S. Richardson, Principal.

Spring Hill College, under the direction of the Jesuit Fathers, continues to offer the advantages of a most healthy and delightful locution, together with tLosc of a thorough Classical. Commercial and Christian Education. Terms for Board anil Tuition, per session often months, $300.00. For full particulars, address Rev. Dominic Bkaidequin, S. J., President, Spring Hill College, near Mobile, Ala.



Academy of St. Mary of Loretto. — 7 Instructors; 160 pupils. Under the charge of the Sisters of Loretto.


Burrell School.


Academy of the Visitation.

Alabama Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and Blind.
Germania Institute.

Synodical Female Institute. Thos. C. Miller, Principal.

Talladega College. — Open to both sexes. Primary and Intermediate Departments; Normal, Higher Normal, and Theological Courses. 12 Instructors; 224 students. Address Kev. Edward P. Lord, Principal, Talladega, Ala.


Alabama Central Female College.
Tuscaloosa Female College.

University of Alabama. — 10 Instructors; 180 students. Full Collegiate Course and Law School. Carlos G. Smith, LL.D., President.

Ursuline Academy of St. John Baptist — Twentythird Session. Board, Washing, Fuel, Light, Tuition in all the English brunches, Needle-work and Domestic Economy, per session, $88.00. Pens, Ink and Use of Library, $2.00. Ancient and Modern Languogcs, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Painting, Drawing, &c\, extra and taught at the usual rates. For further particulars, apply to Mother Superior, Ursuline Convent, TcscALOOSA, Ala.


Alabama Conference Female College.

Park High School. — Primary, Academic and Collegiate Departments. 3 Instructors; 121 students. New and comfortable buildings. Address James F. Park, A. M., Principal, Tuskegee, Ala.


Hon. J. S. Hoyt, Governor and Territorial Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tucson, Ariz.


St. Joseph's Academy.


Hon. Geo. W. Hill, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Little Rock, Ark.


Arkansas College.

Bentonville High School. John F. Mcgill, Principal
Bentonville Institute.


Cane Hill College. Rev. F. R. Earle, President.

Evening Shade. Evening Shade College.



Arkansas industrial University. — 13 Instructors; 287 students. Preparatory Department, College of Agriculture, Training School, Normal Department, College of Commerce, College of Engineering, College ol General Science and Literature. Address Gen. D. H. Hill, President, Fayetteyille, Ark.

Fort Smith.
St. Anne's Academy.

Greenwood Male and Female Institute.


Judsonia University.

Little Sock.

Arkansas Deaf-Mute Institute.

Little Rock Commercial College and Telegraph Insti-
tute. Aaron Bales, Principal and Proprietor.
St. John's College of Arkansas.
St. Mary's Academy.


Lonoke High School. Julius W. Thompson, Principal.

Pine Bluff.

Branch Normal College of Arkansas Indnstrial University. J. C. Cokbin, A. M., Principal.


Searcy District High School.


Hon. Ezra S. Oarr, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Sacramento, Cal.


Batavia Select School.

Ben icia.

College of St Augustine. — A Cadet School for Boys. Primary, Grammar and Collegiate Departments. 10 Instructors; 83 students. Address lit. Bev. J. H. D. Wingfield, D.D., Rector, Bemcia, Cal. St. Catherine's Convent and Female Academy.

St Mary of the Pacific. — A Boarding School for Young Ladies. 20 Instructors. Rt Rev. J. H. D. Wingfield, D.D., Rector. Young Ladies Seminary, Miss M. E. Snell, Principal.


University of California— Open to both sexes. College of Letters, College of Agriculture, College of Mechanics, College of Mining, College of Engineering, College of Chemistry, College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy. 49 Instructors; 488 students. Tuition free to residents of California. Address John Le Conte, M. D., President, Berkeley, Cal.


Mills Seminary for Young Ladies.—21 Instructors; 166 students. Preparatory and Academic Departments. Address Rev. C T. Mills, Principal, BrookLyn, Alameda Co., Cal.

College City. Pierce Christian College. J. C. Keith, A. B., President.


Convent and Academy of Mary Immaculate.
Gilroy Seminary.

Los Angeles.
The Pacific Normal Training School for Klndergart-
ners and the California Model Kindergarten.
St. Vincent's College.


College of Notre Dame.

Ifapa City.

Napa Collegiate Institute.
Napa Ladies' Seminary.


Oak Mound School for Boys.—5 Instructors. Preparatory and Academic Departments. C. M. Walker, Principal.


California Military Academy. Address Rev. David Mcclcre, Ph. D., Principal, Oakland, Cal. Convent and Academy of the Holy Names. Convent of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

Golden Gate Academy and Cadet School. — 10 Instructors; 65 pupils. Preparatory, Classical, and Scientific Departments. D. P. Sackett, A. M., Principal.

Oakland High School, J. B. Mcchesney, Principal.
Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind.

Pacific Theological Seminary. — Year opens in August and closes in May. Address Prof. J. A. Benton, Oakland, Cal.


St. Vincent's School for Girls.

Placerville Academy.

Pueblo of San Jose.

Convent and Academy of Notre Dame.

Rio Vista.
St Gertrude's Academy.

Rohnerville, Humboldt Co.
St Joseph's College.


Art and Business College.

Goethe's German School. H. J. Goethe, Principal. Home Kindergarten. Mrs. N. G. Hill. Principal. Howe's High School and Normal Institute. Sacramento Business College. E. C. Atkinson, Principal.

Sacramento Home School. Mrs. F. M. Ross, Principal.
Sacramento Institute. Bro. Cianan, Principal.
Sacramento Select School. Mrs. A. C. Curtis, Prin-

Sacramento Young Ladies' Seminary. W. S. Hunt,
St. Patrick's College.

San Antonio.

San Antonio Academy.
San Diego.

Point Loma Seminary. Rev. and Mrs. 0. W. Gates,

San Francisco.

California College of Pharmacy. Emlen Painter, Dean.

California Pharmaceutical Society.

College of Medicine (University of California).

College of Notre Dame of San Francisco. — For Young Ladies. Conducted by the Sisters of Notre Dame. This Institution, founded in 1866, chartered in 1876 by Act of the Legislature of the State of California, and empowered to confer Collegiate Honors, is situated on Dolores Street, opposite the old Mission Church. A large addition has recently been erected for the more ample accomodation of boarding pupils. The course af instruction embraces all the branches necessary to the acquisition of a solid and refined education. Parents in confiding their children to the care of the Sisters may feel perfectly satisfied that every attention will be given to their intellectual and moral culture, while the system of government combines sufficient firmness with maternal solicitude to ensure the real progress and advantage of the pupil. For full particulars as to terms, etc., apply to the SuFekioress.

Heald's Business College. E. P. Heald, President
Home Institute. Miss I. G. Prince, Principal.
Pacific Business College.
Presentation Convent and Free School.

Sacred Heart College. — 20 Instructors; 750 students. Regular College Course. Bro. Genebkrn, President

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