Introduction to Roman Law, in Twelve Academical Lectures

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D. Appleton, 1874 - Roman law - 332 pages

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Page 330 - ... attractive piece of work in the way of popular exposition upon a difficult subject has not appeared in a long time. It not only well sustains the character of the volumes with which it is associated, but its reproduction in European countries will be an honor to American science.
Page 327 - ... printed and illustrated. Prepared expressly for this series, it is in some measure a guarantee of the excellence of the volumes that will follow, and an indication that the publishers will spare no pains to include in the series the freshest investigations of the best scientific minds."— Boston Journal.
Page 43 - ... conqueror of Italy, humbler of Germany, terror of the North — saw him account all his matchless victories poor compared with the triumph you are now in a condition to win — saw him contemn the fickleness of Fortune, while, in despite of her, he could pronounce his memorable boast, " I shall go down to posterity with the Code in my hand!
Page 330 - They have heard of changes in the science ; the clash of the battle of old and new theories has stirred them from afar. The tidings, too, had come that the old had given way ; and little more than this they knew. . . . Prof. Cooke's* New Chemistry' must do wide service in bringing to close sight the little known and the longed for.
Page 328 - ... of the Science of Foods that has appeared in our language. " The book contains a series of diagrams, displaying the effects of sleep and meals on pulsation and respiration, and of various kinds of food on respiration, which, as the results of Dr. Smith's own experiments, possess a very high value. We have not far to go in this work for occasions of favorable criticism ; they occur throughout, but are perhaps most apparent in those parts of the subject with which Dr. Smith's name is especially...
Page 330 - Equal volumes of all substances, when in the state of gas, and under like conditions, contain the same number of molecules.
Page 327 - II. Bagehot's Physics and Politics. I vol., I2mo. Price, $1.50. " If the ' International Scientific Series ? proceeds as it has begun, it will more than fulfil the promise given to the reading public in its prospectus. The first volume, by Professor Tyndall, was a model of lucid and attractive scientific exposition; and now we have a second, by Mr. Walter Bagehot, which is not only very lucid and charming, but also original and suggestive in the highest degree. Nowhere since the publication of Sir...
Page 329 - Herbert Spencer is unquestionably the foremost living thinker in the psychological and sociological fields, and this volume is an important contribution to the science of which it treats. ... It will prove more popular than any of its author's other creations, for it is more plainly addressed to the people and has a more practical and less speculative cast. It will require thought, but it is well worth thinking about.

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