Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students

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Macmillan, 1973 - Lógica simbólica - 274 pages

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A U B absolute geometry absolute value abstract algebra Abstract Mathematical algebra AMS Logic analytic geometry Analytical Engine answer antiderivative arithmetic mean average balls binomial formula Blaise Pascal Boolean Arithmetic calculus called cardinal number cent Charles Babbage Club X coalition column concrete interpretation conic sections contrapositive counting numbers Cramer's Rule David Hilbert definite integral differential calculus distributive law draw the graph dy/dx electrical networks elementary arithmetic elements ellipse equal equation equilibrium point Erewhon Euclid EXAMPLE expected value F T F feasible region Fermat's Last Theorem figure flow chart formalists formula FORTRAN function game theory geometry Georg Cantor graph graph of y hence histogram However hyperbola imaginary unit Implication Table infinite set integer integral integral calculus intuitionism intuitionists Jingos John von Neumann Leibniz line segment linear algebra linear programming Markov Chain Matching Pennies mathematician mathematics matrix game Maxima and Minima maximum mean median Minimax Theorem mixed strategy multiplicative inverse non-Euclidean geometries normal curve normally distributed null set observe obtain optimal ordered pair ordinary bridge parabola parallel postulate parallelogram Pierre de Fermat PL/I players preceding probability Problem Set prove pure strategy Pythagorean theorem question R-payoff R-payoff matrix reader real number rectangle regular polygon represents saddle point Scientific American scores Section set theory Since slope solution solve speedometer square standard deviations standard score statement subsets symbol tangent line theorems in AMS theory of sets Therefore tossed trigonometry True-False truth table twin prime undefined terms units University of Otago University of Wisconsin-Superior velocity Venn diagram weighted mean well-ordering theorem zero zorks

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