Ladies' cutting made easy

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T.H. Holding, 1885 - Garment cutting - 51 pages

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Page 51 - MA (First Edition published in July, 1882). Its contents are as follows : — Introduction.— Dr. Wampen's System. — The Academy System. — Normal Quantities. — Corpulence.— Sleeves. — PLATE 1.— The Old Third's System. — Disproportion. — PLATE 2. — The Academy System. — The Proportionate Model. — Disproportion. — Stooping Figure. — Fallacies. — Indentations. — Skirts.
Page 51 - Balance Lines. — Variations in Style.- — Disproportion. — Corpulency. — Variation in Form. — General Principles. — Theory and Practice — Application of Measures. — Open and Close Styles. — Second System for Trousers. — The Stout Build. — The...
Page 52 - Pleated Trowsers.— The Draft on the Cloth.— Banded Materials. — Dress Breeches. — Livery Breeches. — Knickerbockers.— Making Up.— Balance Marks.— Sewing Up.— Whole Fall.— Waistbands. — Waistbands cut with the Trowsers. — Improved arrange ment of Waistbands.— Ordinary Waistbands. — Split, or Half Fall. —Gaiters. — Measurement. — Draft to Measure. — Leggings. — Footman's Gaiters. — Groom's Gaiters. — Short Gaiters. — Concluding Remarks. London : — SIMPKIN,...
Page 49 - It is mounted on a handsome stand, and by meane of the screw shown on the engraving, can be raised or lowered in height according to requirement. Another great advantage is the facility with which it turns...
Page 51 - System. — Pantaloons. — Various degrees of Stoutness. — The Long and Short Leg Theory. — Illusions and Fallacies.— General Observations. — The Academy System. — Manner of Drafting. — The Dress. — Balance Marks. — Balance Lines. — Breeches and Pantaloons. — The Old Style of Cutting.
Page 49 - ... garments. It is mounted on a handsome stand, and, by means of the screw shown on the engraving, can be raised or lowered in height according to requirement. Another great advantage is the facility with...
Page 54 - ... the other. My Rule has both, handy for your eye and hand. Personally, I have had a very large quantity of the highest Class Work to produce daily ; and at the lowest estimate, I save an hour every day I am at the Cutting board. I have seen most plans of Graduation, but none so simple, inexpensive, and effective as the one referred to in the subjoined Testimonials. I may say it is not the idea of a moment, but the result of six years...
Page 51 - Corpulency. — Plumb Line or Front Balance. — Disproportion. — First System for Trousers.— Standard Model. — Practical Application. — Style and Balance. — Balance Marks. — Making up. — Stout Men's Troussrs.
Page 52 - The Proportionate Pattern — Front laid on the Back — Fork Points placed together— Side Seams placed together. — The Slope of Waist Seam. — The Slope of Seat Seam.— Disproportion.— The Movements of the Legs. — The Lower part of the Legs. — Measurement. — Use of the Measures in the Draft — The Draft to Measure. — Details of the Draft. — Changes in Fashion. — Tight-fitting Style. — Loose Style. — Very Wide Style. — Side Seam brought forward. — Gaiter bottom Style.
Page 54 - I am very much pleased with your Graduated Rule, which I think far surpasses the Graduated Tapes. I must confess that I have saved a great deal of time since I have used it." From the Hon. Secretary, Hull Foreman Tailors' Society. " At our last meeting the opinion arrived at was favourable to their utility.

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