Fire Hose Reels

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"This Standard was prepared by the Joint Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Committee FP-007 on Fire Hose Reels. This Standard supersedes AS 1221—1991 Fire hose reels and NZS 4504—1981 Specifications for fire hose reels. This Standard incorporates Amendment 1 (January 2003). The changes required by the Amendment are indicated in the text by a marginal bar and amendment number against the clause, note, table, figure, or part thereof affected. The objective of this Standard is to provide specific requirements for fire hose reels to meet the requirements of the appropriate regulatory authority when used in Australia and New Zealand. It provides requirements for design, construction and performance of fixed and swing type fire hose reels. It does not include location, installation or maintenance of fire hose reels since these subjects are covered in other Standards. Hose reels used in Australia are usually fitted with 19 mm nominal diameter hose and those used in New Zealand are usually fitted with 13 mm nominal diameter hose. In cases where the ability to operate at lower inlet pressures or higher flow rates is desirable, a hose reel fitted with a 25 mm nominal diameter hose may be necessary. Hose reels fitted with 25 mm nominal diameter hose are required by some regulatory authorities."--Preface.

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