2022 Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States

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Traveler's Guide, 2022 - Law
A comprehensive guide to the firearm laws of the United States. This book focuses on the issues most relevant to the gun-owning traveler. Concealed carry reciprocity, constitutional carry, loaded gun carry in vehicles, open carry and place restrictions are just a few of the areas covered on a state-by-state basis. Published every year since 1997, the book is the gold standard when it comes to gun laws.

About the author (2022)

Scott is an attorney in private practice in Covington, Kentucky. He has written several academic studies on the Second Amendment including "The Right Most Valued by Freemen: The Origins and Historical Development of the Citizen's Right to Keep and Bear Arms" which was a winner in a legal writing contest sponsored by the National Rifle Association. Along with his law practice, he operates a Class III firearms business and is active in the citizen's right to keep and bear arms. The "Traveler's Guide" was inspired by the author's own need to have a concise, yet accurate, summation of state transport and carry laws to reference during his vacation travels across America. He has written and published the Traveler's Guide for the last 26 years.

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