Behavioural Ecology of Teleost Fishes

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Jean-Guy J. Godin
Oxford University Press, 1997 - Literary Criticism - 384 pages
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Teleost (bony) fishes represent the most abundant taxonomic group of vertebrates. They are found in all conceivable types of aquatic environment and are extremely diverse behaviourally. This diversity is in large part due to the group's striking behavioural plasticity and makes them ideal organisms on which to test mechanistic and functional models of behaviour. Considerable progress has been made over the past decade in understanding how behaviour, ecology, and genetics interact to determine individual survival and reproductive success in fishes, and thus the evolution of their behaviour. Behavioural ecology of teleost fishes reviews the recent advances in knowledge of behavioural strategies and tactics of habitat selection and space use, foraging, predator avoidance and evasion, and reproduction. It proposes new directions and approaches for future research. It also considers the impact of individual behaviour on population and community ecology. The text will benefit allthose with a general interest in behavioural ecology, especially students, teachers, and researchers interested in the behaviour and ecology of fishes. It will also be a valuable reference source for biologists, aquaculturalists, and conservationists. FROM REVIEWS OF THE HARDBACK: 'Fisheries biologists, aquaculturalists, and conservationists... should become informed of the basic theory and practical implications provided by behavioural ecology. Those concerned with behavioural ecology needto be aware of the implications and applications of basic theory. Godin's book is a major effort to bring theory and application together.' David L.G. Noakes, Animal Behaviour 'Senior undergraduates and postgraduates will find valuable, critical reviews. The suggestions for future research will appeal to all seeking research projects for students.' R.J. Wooton, Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries

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