The Philosophy of Rhetoric, Volume 1 (Google eBook)

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Creech, 1808
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Page 44 - Here files of pins extend their shining rows, Puffs, powders, patches, bibles, billet-doux. Now awful beauty puts on all its arms ; The fair each moment rises in her charms, Repairs her smiles, awakens every grace, And calls forth all the wonders of her face : Sees by degrees a purer blush arise, And keener lightnings quicken in her eyes.
Page 43 - And decks the goddess with the glittering spoil. This casket India's glowing gems unlocks, And all Arabia breathes from yonder box.
Page 43 - A heavenly image in the glass appears, To that she bends, to that her eyes she rears ; The inferior priestess, at her altar's side, Trembling begins the sacred rites of pride.
Page 422 - It celebrates the church of England, as the most perfect of all others, in discipline and doctrine ; it advances no opinion they reject, nor condemns any they receive.
Page 423 - We next went to the school of languages, where three professors sat in consultation upon improving that of their own country. The first project was to shorten discourse by cutting polysyllables into one, and leaving out verbs and participles, because in reality all things imaginable are but nouns.
Page 81 - So soon as that spare Cassius. He reads much; He is a great observer, and he looks Quite through the deeds of men: he loves no plays, As thou dost, Antony; he hears no music: Seldom he smiles, and smiles in such a sort As if he mock'd himself, and scorn'd his spirit That could be mov'd to smile at any thing.
Page 292 - And went to him and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn and took care of him.
Page 22 - All the ends of speaking are reducible to four ; every speech being intended to enlighten the understanding, to please the imagination, to move the passions, or to influence the will.
Page 172 - The coolest reasoner always in persuading, addresseth himself to the passions some way or other. This he cannot avoid doing, if he speak to the purpose. To make me believe, it is enough to show me that things are so ; to make me act, it is necessary to show that the action will answer some End.
Page 69 - And Milo-like surveys his arms and hands ; Then, sighing, thus, " And am I now three-score? Ah why, ye gods, should two and two make four?

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